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    The following is a sponsored post in partnership with Lumene.  All opinions are 100% my own.

    Happy Easter! We’ve got more weather changes and along with that is depleted or imbalanced hydration–the first thing that causes your skin to go dull and feel uncomfortable. Find the perfect daily quenching routine with Lumene’s Intense Hydration 24-hour Moisturizer whatever your skin-type, and also enjoy the pure refreshing sensation of Lumene’s Arctic Spring Water infused formulas in their Purity Dew Drops Hydrating Eye Gel.



    Lumene’s Intense Hydration 24-hour moisturizer

    This is a substantial yet lightweight day cream for everyday use. It’s formulated with birch sap to nourish.  Designed to ensure continuous hydration, this cream is quickly absorbed, leaving skin soft and smoothing out the effects of day-to-day living, while their advanced hydratechnology ensures continuous hydration throughout the day.  It just keeps working!



    Lumene Purity Dew Drops Hydrating Eye Gel

    Helps hydrate your delicate eye areas. Fragrance-free, this eye gel works to reduce the appearance of puffiness and under eye circles. It is a gentle, yet effective formula. I like to keep mine in the fridge for extra-coolness and rejuvenation.

    Inspired by Nordic Women

    Lumene’s inspiration is the unmistakable radiance of Nordic women:  A beauty born of strength and resilience forged by a primal relationship with the extreme and generous Arctic nature.

    Created With Finnish Nature

    Their formulas harness the power of this untouched Artic wilderness.

    Their roots lie in the rituals of northern Finland, one of the last un-spoilt sanctuaries on earth.

    They combine exceptionally pure, oxygen-rich, skin pH-friendly Arctic spring water with hand-picked Finnish ingredients unlike any other.

    • . Nordic Birch Sap naturally nourishes, working in union with uniquely pure Arctic Spring water for intense all day hydration
    • This lightweight cream is quickly absorbed, leaving skin soft and smoothing out the effects of day-to-day living, while our advanced hydra technology ensures continuous hydration throughout the day
    • Supercharge your skin with the sensation of 24 hours of deep hydration

    What’s So Special About Artic Ingredients

    Wild artic Cloudberries and Cranberries, Birch Sap and Pine Bark…These are not only superfoods but also rich and potent beauty secrets for healthy, youthful-looking skin.

    Let me explain…The Arctic Light Circle implies that the local berries, trees, herbs and mushrooms are exposed to sunlight for a much shorter period than other regions, but with an extreme intensity of luminosity with actually boosts the biosynthesis of powerful antioxidants and nutrients they use in their formulas. In addition to the northern location, the unpolluted soil and the clean air of the wilderness of Finland also contribute to offering us an exceptionally safe natural source of active ingredients.



    Safe & Effective Formulas

    Finnish water is arguably the purest in the world. The country is blessed with more than 32,000 natural springs. Water is untouched by man here. Rather, it is naturally filtered through layers of sand and gravel formed after the Ice Age. Lumene utilizes natural ingredients and their artic spring water in both of these products. In all of their products, in fact.

    They do, however, allow themselves to combine safe and pure man-made ingredients to ensure your safety and efficacy. The great thing I love about Lumene is that their products contain more than 80% of natural ingredients and in some of their formulas it can be up to 99% natural.

    Final thoughts

    The eye cream is soothing and helps with the puffiness but my favorite here is the face cream. It’s just so hydrating with the changing seasons and I love it that it’s fairly “thick” in consistency yet feels nicely lightweight on my face.

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