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    Today is my birthday! I thought it would be fun to tell you a little about myself. So here goes… 

    What’s the first thing I notice about people?

    Their hair. If they’re wearing a hat, their eyes.

    When was the last time I cried?

    Two months ago when I hurt my leg during Aqua exercise. It was sooo painful– I tore a muscle in my calf. And I thought exercising in the water was safe! 

    Scary movies or happy endings?

    Both, depending on my mood 

    My screen idols?

    Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Catherine Zeta-Jones

    Celebrity crush(es)?

    Jason Momoa! Bradley Cooper! Milo Ventimiglia! These men are very different from one another but hey all have that certain undeniable sex appeal I find rather intriguing, don’t you? 

    Favorite Movie?

    The Wizard  of Oz. It was way ahead of its time. 

    If I was another person, Would I be friends with myself?  

    Absolutely. I am loyal and a very good listener.          

    Do I use sarcasm a lot?



    My Dad, Lauren (Larry) L.Werner. He was a badass. Truly. He joined the Marines at age 17, and fought in WWII. Then, he joined the Air Force and 25 years later, retired as Master Sergeant with a couple more wars and battles under his belt. An American Hero, I was proud to call him my Dad. A real go-getter, Dad went back to school and got his real estate brokerage license and also became a developer in Hawaii, where he built Keauhou Kai. He passed away when I was 15 of an aneurysm. He was only 57. I named my daughter after him. 

    What is my nationality?

    Korean (my Mom),  German, English and Irish (my Dad)

    The farthest I’ve traveled away from home?

    Seoul, Korea to visit my grandmother


    My baby passport photo. On my way to see my ailing Korean grandmother

    How many brothers & sisters do you have?

    It’s complicated. I was raised as an only child. However, I do have a half-brother named Ronnie who is an attorney, and a half-sister, Annie, who is a retired social worker. They were kids from my Dad’s previous marriage. They were both adults when I was born, so that’s why I consider myself an only child. I did not see them very often when I was growing up and we don’t have much of a relationship. That’s too bad, but it is what it is. And what it is, it is not. I told you it was complicated!

    My favorite places to travel?

    The Hawaiian Islands and Italy. They both speak to my soul and seem to cast a spell over me as soon as I land on their soils. I feel immediately at home yet enchanted–as if wonderful adventures eagerly await me. And I am rarely disappointed as my happiest days of my life are spent in these two very different places. 

    What travel destinations are on my bucket list?

    Tahiti, the French Riviera, Madrid

    Favorite subjects in school?

    English,  French and Drama.

    College Major?

     TV/Film Production.

    Trade School?

    National Broadcasting School Class Salutatorian 1989


    My Mom, Yong Cha Park Werner. She was a gentle soul, but a real badass in her own way. Born in Osaka, Japan, my Korean mom lived through the war by hiding in an underground shelter camouflaged as a vegetable garden.  The bombs were so piercingly loud, she lost her hearing in her left ear.  When the war ended, they moved back to Seoul, Korea where she found work as a model. She later gave up her family in Korea to begin a brand new life in America with a soldier (my Dad) and raise a family in a place where she never learned to speak the language. But that didn’t stop her from becoming the best mother in the world, so full of love and light. 

    Favoriate scent?

    Chanel #5. It reminds me of my mom. She passed away when I was 19. I miss her and think about her every day, with or without perfume. 

    Do I have any special talents?

    I hold an FCC License to Broadcast.  I can also pick up objects with my toes…

    Favorite Music

    I really do love all genres of music as I was raised on a variety of styles and culture–from Bach to Rock. We listened to Country music from Johnny Cash and Hank Williams, classics from Frank Sinatra and Elvis, sultry jazz music and my mom’s Korean music. But I must say, Heavy Metal and Classic Rock are on top of my list. I still have my vintage foreign vinyls! 

    The authors I read the most?

    I love reading novels by Penny Vincenzi, Lesley Pearse and Santa Montefiore.  A sure thing is a book by Nora Roberts or Danielle Steel. 

    Favorite colors?

    Blue, purple and pink. I wear a lot of black. 

    Where was I born?

    Travis Air Force Base in California

    Where was I raised?

    Although I lived in Virginia, Connecticut and Ohio as I child, I was mainly raised in Keauhou-Kona, Hawaii and Fairfield, California. 

    What are my hobbies?

    Traveling, yoga, reading, antiquing, creative writing, song writing, singing, and most. of all spending time with my family. 

    What is something about me most people would never know?

    I am an Ordained Minister and a level 2.5 Reiki Practitioner.

    How do you deal with the stress in your life?

    Yoga does it for me, and meditation


    My twin flame, James Reichert. After being engaged 5 times to 5 different men, this is the man I finally married. I made the right choice. Jame is kind, sweet, and always has his head on straight. I can always count on my best friend and partner in life for good, solid advice. We met at Starbucks on Fourth of July weekend in 2000.  We’ve been inseparable ever since. He is my best friend. We do everything together. My life is wonderful, thanks to James.

    Married, single or divorced?

    Happily married for more than 17 years


    My darling daughter Lauren and me. Lauren is a real go-getter in this world, and doesn’t take no for an answer. She is bright, outgoing and attending college right now as she juggles her job at Barnes & Noble Booksellers. I love spending time with my daughter, doing anything at all is special as long as I’m with her. 

    How many kids do I have?

    One lovely and brilliant daughter, Lauren  

    What’s my favorite animal?

    Tigers and black panthers


    My Bestie Westie, Sugar, wearing a mud mask, lol. She went out into our yard and put it on herself!


    Chopin, my crazy cat, doing laundry. Too bad he never bothers to sort and fold. I wish he did! 

    What kind of pets do I have?

    A feisty West Highland White Terrier and a crazy Siamese Tabby Cat I rescued from these evil people who were abusing him and not feeding him. 

    What’s my favorite food?

    Italian,  Sushi and chocolate!

    What’s my favorite drink?

    French Roast Coffee!

    What do I always have in my fridge?

    Halo low calorie ice cream

    What did I want to be when I grew up?

    A TV and Radio Personality

    Pet Peeves?

    Stupid people, tailgaters, waiting in line

    Describe my fashion sense?

    Classic Bohemian. I live in denim and leggings

    Best place to shop?

    TJ Maxx, Marshalls and small independent boutiques


    Classic pic: Mother-Daughter Witches on the Fly

    Favorite make up brands?

    Mac, Nars, Kevin Aucoin, Lipstick Queen

    Do I collect anything?

    Yes! Shoes, lipsticks and antiques! 

    My First car?

    Red 1970 Chevy Camaro SS

    The car I drive now?

    Black 2015 Mercedes C300 AMG


    My hydrangeas in the Spring in my front yard

    Where do I live?

    On Reichert Ranch in California

    What are my bad habits?

    I get really cranky when I’m tired or hungry. 

    What are my quirks?

    I sleep with my socks on. Plus, I don’t wear hats because I don’t like anything on my head!

    So now you know I lot more about me and how weird I am, lol. I hope you enjoyed this post!

    Straight ahead on The Badass Writer: A book review on Smashing Glass & Kicking Ass: Lessons from the Meanest Woman Alive, a peek inside an incredible Irish castle, and a review on the amazing Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance serum to help your skin transition in this cool weather. Stay tuned!

    Thanks for reading!




    Chopin my funny rescue cat that I adore so much










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