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    The power of scent has been revered for ages, and today there are new ways to enjoy it that are both affordable and healthy.


    What is Aromatherapy?

    Our modern lifestyles are filled with stress. Guru Nanda brings the serenity of aromatherapy directly into your home, car, and office. The result?  An aromatic paradise where you can reap the endless benefits by simply breathing. Aromatherapy utilizes naturally extracted aromatic essences from flowers, trees or seeds.

    Guru Nanda aromatherapy uses silent, ultrasonic waves to diffuse water with your choice of essential oils without generating heat so that the quality of the oil properties is neither damaged nor compromised.

    Guru Nanda’s aromatherapy doesn’t just fill your space with incredible fragrances; it awakens your senses and provides balance to your life.

    This balance creates the perfect environment to help our bodies heal and remain healthy.  Allow Guru Nanda aromatherapy to provide a unique experience that is restorative, gently clarifying and meditative.



    How Guru Nanda Works

    Guru Nanda’s powerful ultrasonic oil mister is perfect for helping you unwind after a long day with its Relaxation blend of essential oils, or to help get you energized or motivated in the morning hours, have an immunity boost, allow you to breathe easier, promote harmony, and an essential oil for calming sleep.

    Simply plug the Guru Nanda Essential Oil Diffuser
    in with the included AC adapter, add water and about 10-15 drops of your favorite essential oil, and turn it on.  This oil diffuser covers up to 200 square feet with its natural fragrance and has a run time up to 6 hours per fill!

    This stunning and elegant aroma mister also features seven rotating color lights, including pink, purple, blue, green and yellow.  Guru NandaEssential Oil Diffuser also offers a TURBO mode to give you a powerful stream of instant therapeutic mist.

    $14.88 at Walmart (That’s a very good deal!)


    • Cool mist humidifier
    • Auto shut off for safety
    • Runs up to 6 hours on one tank of water
    • This ultrasonic diffuser is also a cool mist humidifier
    • Quiet, efficient operation with an auto shut0off when water runs low
    • Light can be turned off in either continuous or intermittent mode



    Top Six Blends Guru Nanda Essential Oil Pack

    1. Tranquility-Calms mind and body
    2. Breathe Easy-Clears congestion
    3. Immunity-Purifies and Energizes
    4. Relation-Calms & Soothes
    5. Harmony-Uplifts Mood
    6. Calming Sleep-Relaxes and comforts


    Final thoughts

    Guru Nanda’s products are of high quality at a low price-point. It certainly makes a difference in your mood and affects your health in a positive way. I use mine while I’m writing and sometimes when I cannot sleep.  I love my aromatherapy diffuser and essential oils as they help keep me relaxed and focused. I do recommend this product. It’s the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, and something you could also buy for your own use as well.

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