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    This is a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

    I usually don’t get excited about blankets, but this is an exception. I am simply astounded by the immense quality of my Ecuadane Christmas Blanket! It is surprisingly large, and beautifully made. Its utter softness adds that touch of hygge we all crave during the fall and winter months and we couldn’t get cozier. As I look around, all wrapped up and snug, I notice that the Christmas Blanket also adds a fabulous touch to my living room decor.


    When you order, your blanket will arrive thoughtfully wrapped, with a tan leather label sewn onto the blanket itself. Adding a special touch, it even comes with its own comb, so you can gently smooth out the alpaca fibers. This blanket is absolutely incredible and I would certainly add it to my holiday shopping list if I were you. You will want one for yourself as well as for a family member, very close friend or business associate. It certainly makes a very impressive impression! This is not one of those inexpensive throws you can purchase at Ross, Marshalls or Home Goods.


    The Christmas Blanket is part of Ecuadane’s “The Everywhere Blanket” product line. An item that everyone should own, it’s versatile enough for the home, outdoors and on the go. It is a piece of art reflective of the culture where it was discovered. These blankets are crafted by local artisans in Otavalo, Ecuador, a community where weaving is an essential part of life. In fact, the indigenous Otavaleno people have been weavers since pre-Incan times.

    The Otavaleno culture believes Mother Nature, or Pachamama, to be as important as a human being; full of life, strength and soul. They do not seek to dominate the environment but to co-exist with it. Therefore, The Christmas Blanket is created using only high-recycled content material.


    The amazing Ecuadane family is made of three sisters that love to travel and search for unique, high quality products to share with you. Every purchase benefits artisans and small businesses from around the world. The production of these unique blankets has helped the people of Otavalo receive educations and support families and more. Not only do they support their craft and help them provide for their families, they also support their communities by donating a percentage of every purchase to a charity in their area. Right now, they are donating 10 percent of their proceeds to Baca Ortiz Children’s Hospital in Quito, Equador. In doing so, they keep the Christmas spirit alive all year long.


    Sugar loves her Ecuadane blankie

    To order and see all of their other beautiful Ecuadane “The Everywhere Blanket” designs, visit or

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