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    This is not your average water bottle. No, it’s so much more than that…

    Let your imagination fly

    From Timolino’s line of contemporary lifestyle drinkware, the colorful Boii PH+ Messenger Bottle  is one of your best companions for life— at home, the gym, the office or travel. It comes packaged with a sheet

    of bright silicone polka-dots that are able to be punched out with your fingers so you can use them to affix it to your water bottle and decorate it your way. You can spell your name, play games with it, show some creativity, or simply write a message with it. 

    TheBoii PH+ Messenger Bottle’sexclusive design is patent pending and is designed to convey your thoughts, spell in style and spice up your life. It comes in three different colors: elegant blue, energetic green, or the one that’s my favorite; romantic red.


    Change your water and balance your body

    What is most important though is the fact there’s a water filtration system inside the bottle that only needs to be easily changed every 2 months. We all know by now that drinking enough water is vital to our health, and this bottle helps us achieve our goal. Good quality water is so important as it makes you healthier. This water bottle is BPA free and creates light, alkaline water with a healthy pH level of 7.5-8.5 as it helps to maintain the acid base balance in your body. In addition, long-term light alkaline water consumption helps your body lose weight by speeding up your metabolism! It also works to excrete acidic waste, toxins and excess fat. In fact, its Coconut-Shell Activated Carbon Filter can filter out heavy metals and harmful bacteria while at the same time,  keeping good minerals for your body. You’ll even notice the Boii PH+ MessengerBottle enhances the taste by making the water taste a little sweet. The filter also contains natural minerals and can release those minerals that enhance your energy levels. I’m all for that! How about you? 


    From Timolino, The Boii PH+ Messenger Bottle is the perfect spring/summer companion.

    *This is an Amazon affiliate link to this product I recommend. If you purchase something from my blog, I may receive a small percentage of the sale at no extra cost to you. Thank you!//