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    Spoil your mom…or spoil yourself!

    Mother’s Day is coming up and I am proud to be the mom of a brilliant university student and she has been a real delight!  There is nothing like a little celebration for your mom or woman role-model in your life. We have put together a list of beauty and lifestyle products that will add to her special day. Happy Mother’s Day to all of you beautiful moms that do so much for us! 


    GURU NANDA Essential Oils & Diffuser

    Guru Nanda’s powerful ultrasonic oil mister is perfect for helping your mom  unwind after a long day with its Relaxation blend of essential oils, or to help get you energized or motivated in the morning hours, have an immunity boost, allow you to breathe easier, promote harmony, and an essential oil for calming sleep.

    Simply plug the Guru Nanda Essential Oil Diffuser in with the included AC adapter, add water and about 10-15 drops of your favorite essential oil, and turn it on.  This oil diffuser covers up to 200 square feet with its natural fragrance and has a run time up to 6 hours per fill!  

    This stunning and elegant aroma mister also features seven rotating color lights, including pink, purple, blue, green and yellow.  Guru Nanda Essential Oil Diffuser also offers a TURBO mode to give you a powerful stream of instant therapeutic mist.

    $14.88 at Walmart (That’s a very good deal!)



    ·     Cool mist humidifier

    ·     Auto shut off for safety

    ·     Runs up to 6 hours on one tank of water

    ·     This ultrasonic diffuser is also a cool mist humidifier

    ·     Quiet, efficient operation with an auto shut0off when water runs low

    ·     Light can be turned off in either continuous or intermittent mode

    Essential Oil Moods   

    Top Six Blends Guru Nanda Essential Oil Pack

    1.  Tranquility-Calms mind and body

    2.  Breathe Easy-Clears congestion

    3.  Immunity-Purifies and Energizes

    4.  Relation-Calms & Soothes

    5.  Harmony-Uplifts Mood

    6.  Calming Sleep-Relaxes and comforts

    $14.88 Walmart (yet another good deal!) 


    Introducing:  Magnetic Magic with Lucky Chick Cosmetics

    Lucky Chick’s RED Matte Lipstick, DESIRE,  is soft, moisturizing and long-lasting to get you through your day into your night look. Loaded with natural oils and butters this Creamy Matte Lipstick instantly transforms you into a sweet sensation. Creamy but not sticky, it is the perfect lippy to create a chic and dramatic  look.   $25.00 

    Color Description:

    The perfect RED that is soft enough to be subtle and bold enough to show your strength and own your look. Soothe amd hydrate your complexion with…

    ·       A blend of natural butters and oils

    ·       Coffee Oil: Prevents dehydration, while softening and smoothing skin.

    ·       Rosehip Seed Oil: Hydrates to fight fine lines and soothe irritated lips.

    ·       Incredibly lightweight texture

    ·       Jojoba Oil: Forms a barrier that locks in moisture for soft lips.

    ·       Cruelty-Free, Paraben Free, PEG Free, D-5 Free, Vegan

    ·       Magnetic component that protects your lipstick\25.00


    Aloisia Beauty: Must-have sheet masks 

    • 7-Day Skin Care System Designed for skin in need of an overall overhaul to address the most common skin concerns, takes skin on a journey to Soothe, Brighten, Nourish, Heal, Repair, Revitalize, and Moisturize. This set includes seven targeted single-use sheet masks that work in synergy to achieve a healthy, youthful, glowing complexion in just one week. Each mask is supercharged with a proprietary serum formulated with clean, proven ingredients from nature and science to address a specific concern. They feature a silky Luxe Cupra fabric that allows for deeper-penetrating and even absorption and stays firmly and comfortably in place during application. Masks can be applied in the suggested sequence, one per day for seven consecutive days, or applied in any order or individually as-needed.
    • Aloe Stem Cell 3 in 1 Skin Care System: A trio of skin care essentials based on the power of plant stem cells including Opuntia Ficus-Indica Callus Culture Extract to keep skin glowing, on-the-go. It includes a Pre-Treatment Cleanser, Revitalizing Serum Ampoule, and Aloe Stem Cell Mask, and is formulated with Aloe Vera Leaf Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate, and other marine and botanical ingredients to cleanse, revitalize, and provide intense hydration for skin depleted from travel or environmental stresses. It is travel-friendly and packaged in a no-spill, TSA-approved foil packet.
    • Essential masks include Honey Glow Maskwhich is enriched with a deeply nourishing blend of Honey, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, and Camelia Sinesis (Green Tea Extract) to purify, soothe, and moisturize inflamed, irritated skin associated with acne, dryness, and environmental stress, promoting a restored glow; Aloe Soothing Mask, which is enriched with a deeply nourishing blend of Aloe Vera Leaf Extract, Ganoderma Leaf Extract, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Sodium Hyaluronate, and natural marine and botanical extracts to relieve irritation and inflammation due to acne, sun damage, and environmental stress; and Aqua Collagen Mask, which is loaded with Deep Sea Water, Hydrolyzed CollagenCurcuma Longa (Turmeric) Leaf Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate, and other clean ingredients from nature and science to boost elasticity, firm and plump, and promote supple skin texture and a revitalized glow.
    • DEEP HYDRATION Aloe Gel Mist: This multi-tasking gel-based misthydrates, tones, reduces redness and oil, restores elasticity, soothes, cools, and even primes the skin for makeup and sets makeup. It delivers two powerful forms of Aloe, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Water (90%) and Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract (100ppm), along with Hydrolyzed Collagen, Witch Hazel, and other clean ingredients from nature and science (17.50,


    Social MediaInstagramFacebook, @aloisiabeauty, #aloisiabeauty


    The folks at Aveline want to assure you that, thanks to their breakthrough ergonomic women’s razor, it is now possible to treat your entire body to near-Brazilian wax smoothness simply by following their Five Tips for a Crazy Good Shave.  Aveline  is a radical departure from conventional “blade on a stick” razors. They have reimagined the shaving experience to include a thoughtfully-designed razor that gives you more precision and control so you get your smoothest shave ever. It might take a few shaves to get used to the way Aveline works; but don’t worry, it will soon become second nature and you’ll be amazed at the close shave without nicks!


    From having too much hair to using a hair growth serum, check out Biotin Hair Serum Advanced Formula from Pureauty Naturals. $19.99 2oz.

    The Biotin Hair Serum Advanced Formula is formulated with powerful ingredients designed to cleanse your scalp and create the appearance thinker, fuller, and healthier looking hair. You want to drench your hair with this serum, espcfeially massage the moisture into your scalp and allow some tiem for it to fully absorb. I like to out my hair up in a bun with a silk scrunchie and cover my pampered hair with a pretty shower cap. You can leave it in for 20 minutes and feel a difference, but if you can swing it overnight, that would be preferred. You get the best results from this serum if you do leave it overnight.

    Experience Self-Care With La Parea

      • Light a scented rose candle, pour in some lovely bath salts and experience a cup of Guayusa Team made from leaves grown in the Amazon Rain Forest.
        Guayusa Tea Blend
        – Take a minute to sit, sip and practice being mindful by adding this invigorating, antioxidant-packed tea to your morning healing routine.



    Ecuadorian Rose Scented Soy Candle & Bath Salts – Pamper yourself from nose to toes by drawing a bath with their calming herbal-infused salts and the intoxicating scent of Ecuador’s most magnificent roses in candle form.


    Where desires and realities collide:
    Magari Liquid Youth


    I have this odd affliction where I find myself constantly seeking true innovators in the “inclusive” celebrity beauty/grooming category. And I found him! Let me introduce you to one of Khloe Kardashian’s beauty gurus,  West Hollywood’s Montgomery Nicholas — founder of Magari, a premium unisex skin care line that’s using the best of science and nature. They believe in prevention when it comes to beauty, and this serum is all about preserving and enhancing what you already have–your skin’s inherent beauty.

    Magari’s Liquid Youth is so very rich in moisture-binding/ anti-aging ingredients like hyaluronic acid, fatty acids, marine extracts, resveratrol and PCA. This complex combines potent antioxidants like Vitamin C, E, biotin, and is boosted with peptides to help stimulate collagen production. Micronutrients help enhance skin tone and neutralize impurities while humectants provide hydration.

    Magari’s Liquid Youth is a spray-on elixir with many benefits:

    -Evens out your complexion

    -Increases collagen/elastin synthesis

    -Inhibits the formation of wrinkles and lessen the appearance of deep expression lines

    -This elixir firms and re-plumps the skin restoring its youthful glow

    IDA Body Care Brings you the Sweet & Tangy Scent of Lemons and Moisture

    Give your skin some love this season!  I hope you consider featuring a vegan, cruelty free body care line called Ida Body Care. It’s clean, essential-oil based care. An all-female company, 3 generations in the making, it was created and founded by Vicki Weaver Payne. Vicki started this body line in honor of her mother, Ida.

    Vicki took her mother’s formula and created an even more natural pure/clean product for the body. “I work with 18 natural ingredients and essential oils in designing my products. 95 percent of all my ingredients are of natural origin,” she adds.

    Ida Body Carefeatures four products: Dry Brush, Body Wash, Body Scrub and Body Lotion.  Each product performs equally well on the body, but for best results, she recommends using the four-step body treatment.

    Ida Body Care:   4-Step Treatment Available in 8oz size for $80 and 4oz size for $50



    Give those cannabis loving mamas something to talk about with Blazy Susan 

    A forward thinking and consumer focused brand, making some of the best rolling accessories out there! Their fun and vibrant packaging also makes them stand out from competitors. Their gorgeous, customizable Spinning Rolling Tray features an innovative design with small compartments for all different types of smoking accessories and supplies including lighters, pre rolls, bangers, your cell phone, and more. The Blazy Susan Spinning Rolling Tray is truly revolutionary, and was built by smokers for smokers. Give it a spin – your coffee table will never be the same! The Blazy Susan is 15.5” in diameter and is constructed from high quality birch. It is hand finished with a fine Italian varnish to ensure a sleek and smooth rolling experience. Blazy’s make a perfect gift for any marijuana smoker, from casual to connoisseur.


    Discover MyChelle Dermaceuticals Hydrate Collection

    • Enhance your mama’s natural glow with MyCHELLE’s Hydrate Collection – a line featuring Hyaluronic Acid which focuses on adding much-needed hydration to thirsty, dry skin. It’s safe and free of all the bad things too! Included in the line is the instantly refreshing and moisturizing UH Beauty Mist, the nourishing UH Hydrating Serum and the uber hydrating UH Eye Gel. Each piece brings life back to dull and dehydrated skin!

    MyChelle Dermaceuticals HYDRATE Ultra Hyaluronic Hydrating Cleanser                                                                                           $15.99

    Hyaluronic & Blue Daisy to Hydrate & Purify

    Ultra-mild, creamy gel cleanser infused with Hyaluronic, Rose Flower Water and Blue Daisy Extract to soothe and help calm skin. This gentle formula is also enriched with comforting moisturizing botanicals Neem, French Oak and Aloe Extract.

    MyChelle Dermaceuticals Deep Repair Cream                                         $32.00

    Rosehip & Black Currant Oils to Nourish & Hydrate

    Provides ultimate hydration to enrich and help reduce the visible signs of aging. A nourishing blend of antioxidants, including Kombuchka Tea, rich in polyphenols and Vitamin B, revives and rejuvenates skin’s appearance.

    MyChelle Dermaceuticals Ultra Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum          $47.00

    Hyaluronic Acid & Rose Hip Oil to Soften & Hydrate

    Nourishing blend of Hyaluronic Acid, Sodium PCA, Squalane and fortifying amino acids boost moisture levels to soften skin, soothe irritation and neutralize free radicals.

    MyChelle Dermaceuticals HYDRATE Ultra Hyaluronic Eye Get         $29.00

    Hyaluronic Acid & Green Caffeine Brightens & Hydrates

    A cooling gel blend of Persian Silk Tree extract, Caffeine, Hyaluronic Acid and Magnolia Flower Oil that helps nourish and hydrate, and decrease the appearance of puffiness, dark circles, and fine lines. Non-irritating. Dermatologist and Allergy tested.

    MyChelle Dermaceuticals Ultra Hyaluronic Hydrating Cream            $32.00

    Hyaluronic Acid Sea Water & Blue Lotus Extract to Nourish & HydrateA high-performance Hyaluronic Acid and Squalane-enriched moisturizer that delivers skin-quenching hydration combined with a nourishing botanical blend of Resistem™ Plant Stem cells, Blue Lotus, Rose Petals and Freshwater Algae.

    MyChelle Dermaceuticals Deep Repair Cream                                     $32.00

    Rosehip & Black Currant Oils to Nourish & HydrateProvides ultimate hydration to enrich and help reduce the visible signs of aging. A nourishing blend of antioxidants, including Kombuchka Tea, rich in polyphenols and Vitamin B, revives and rejuvenates skin’s appearance.

    MyChelle Dermaceuticals Ultra Hyaluronic Beauty Mist                      $16.00

    Niacinamide & Plant Stem Cells to Hydrate & Refine

    An instantly refreshing and hydrating mist of Cactus Water, Hyaluronic Acid, Citystem™ Plant Stem Cells and Niacinamide to revive and rejuvenate complexion.

    MyChelle Dermaceuticals  Ultra Hyaluronic Water Mask                    $16.50

    Cactus Extracts & Hyaluronic Acid to Nourish & MoisturizeA refreshing hydration mask of moisture-binding Hyaluronic Acid, Blue Agave and Prickly Pear Cactus to smooth and condition dull and dehydrated skin. Use as an overnight mask for ultimate hydration.


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