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    If you’ve been following me, you know that self-care is a priority for me and that I encourage others to take time out for themselves, especially since we are in turbulent times.

    For some encouragement and inspiration,  I reached out to Michelle Harris, TV host of Alive and Well TV and she has tips on creating a spa day at home.


    How to create an oasis of relaxation and self-care in your own home


    1. Spray your favorite aromatherapy mist or use a diffuser in the room you want to relax in. I personally use lavender essential oils to totally relax my mind and body.


    2. De-cluttering your space if needed for a more relaxing vibe. I’ve taken some items from my bedroom and put them in plastic tubs and stored them in my garage. The look is clean and organized, with a touch of minimalism.


    3. Get your fluffiest towels and robe together and add in some relaxing music. This will give you that wonderful feeling of walking into a spa without leaving your home.  I also suggest you invest in a towel warmer for a most luxurious experience.


    4. Michelle recommends a pineapple-lemon- Black Elderberry wellness shot! Pineapple juice is rich in digestive enzymes, lemon is wonderful at detoxification and Black Elderberry syrup is rich in immune supporting antioxidants (and it tastes great). It’s the perfect pick me up for an at home spa day.




    Home Facials

    Regular facials are one of the keys to good skin. First, gently clean and exfoliate skin. 

    Next, every facial needs a nice steam to clear pores. This can be as simple as putting your face over a container that has hot water steaming up.

     After steaming, nothing feels better than a mask. 

    Use a favorite brand or make a simple homemade hydrating mask with aloe, avocado and olive oil. 

    Combine 1 tsp fresh aloe, 1 tsp olive oil and ½ of a totally mashed avocado (it will stay on your face more easily). Apply and rinse after 10 minutes for glowing skin! 

    The final step in any facial is serums and moisturizer. Apply them and your skin will look like you just left the spa.


    Happy Hands and Feet 


    One of Michelle’s her favorite things when getting a spa treatment is those great gloves and/or booties they use with a rich moisturizer to keep your hands and feet soft.  

    Wear them with a heavy-duty cream made for the body or hands and feet. Don’t forget the cuticles. Many creams made for the hands and feet will contain essential oils like peppermint.  This adds to the therapeutic benefit and smells incredible. My favorite thick cream is Skinfood by Weleda.

    Keep gloves or booties on for an hour while watching television, reading, or relaxing. For super soft hands and feet, wear gloves or booties to bed and wake up with baby soft skin.


    Relaxing bubbles


    A tub full of bubbles is the perfect way to relax and feel calm.   Research even shows that taking a bath on occasion helps to decrease stress, fatigue and muscle pain.  Look for bubble baths with natural ingredients and essential oils. Ingredients like oatmeal and coconut are wonderful for soothing skin. Don’t forget to loofah and exfoliate skin while you soak.  Add a cup of your favorite herbal tea for even more relaxation. 

    “We all need to relax and recharge for our health and wellbeing so take care of yourself!” declares Michelle Harris. 

    Michelle Harris is the host of Alive & Well with Michelle Harris, a national TV series promoting the wellness lifestyle. Michelle is one of the media’s leading lifestyle experts and is often on red carpets and live events. Michelle is also the co-founder of Animal Angels, a non-profit advocacy group where celebrities promote pet health and adoptions. 

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    Straight ahead, we’ll have more in beauty, travel and lifestyle topics for youplus a peek inside one of the most mouth-watering cookbooks of the year, Deep Flavors.

    Stay safe and well and we’ll see you soon!