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    Now that I have your attention…

    There’s an exciting new and innovative herbal supplement “juice” called Moon Dust. Created by a mother, chef and alchemist to harness the healing power of plants, Venice, California-based Moon Juice makes well-being edible to nourish you from the inside out.

    Moon Dusts are custom blends of superherbs used in Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Each particular Moon Dust helps combat the effects of stress in a specific way; to nourish your body from the inside out.

    There are six different blends:

    1. Beauty Dust for edible beauty radiance to expand beauty luster and glow from within
    2. Brain Dust for intelligence aligns you with the mighty cosmic flow needed for great achievement
    3. Sex Dust for attraction is alchemized to ignite and excite your sexy energy in and out of the bedroom
    4. Power Dust for strength formulated to support success and harmony in accomplishing physical or entrepreneurial feats
    5. Spirit Dust for bliss and helping you to unwind and expand peaceful awareness
    6. Dream Dust for rest and lulling you into a deep, restorative nocturnal tranquility.

    This stuff smells funny and doesn’t taste very good unless you mix the dust with stevia. Then it becomes a real sensation! Non GMO, vegan, gluten free, nut free and zero sugar, their main ingredients I find fascinating. Moon Dust is alchemized with organic and wildcrafted adaptogenic plants, bioactive minerals and mushrooms. Its unlike anything I’ve ever tasted. For example. in Sex Dust, you’ll find ingredients such as Ho Shou Wu, Maca, and horny goat weed.

    Keep it simple and add Moon Dust to beverages such as coffee, tea and smoothies. Or you can do what I do, and add it to heated almond milk. They are packaged in little sachets for each serving convenience.



    Cosmic in a cup, quickly and conveniently order a MOON DUST sampler pack at Amazon by clicking here: 

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