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    A perfect blend of skincare and makeup that hydrates skin and softens fine lines with a sheer hint of color for a healthy, dewy glow.


    Are you like me? I have the most challenging time finding the right foundation for my skin. It’s frustrating and expensive to keep trying all these different brands. Either the color is not quite right or the formulas are too thick and heavy and I have to dilute them with moisturizer ( a trick I learned in my TV reporting days). Thankfully, I finally found a product that is hydrating and provides the perfect light coverage we need for summer!

    Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer features an antioxidant vitamin complex of vitamins C and E that acts as a free radical scavenger to protect the skin from even the most aggressive effects of the environment.

    A powerful moisturizer in its own right, it is powered with sodium hyaluronate to hydrate skin and soften and ease fine, dry lines. I am all for that! This lightweight formula provides ideal protection from the sun’s harmful, damaging rays with broad spectrum SPF 20 UVB/UVA sunscreen, while its extremely long-wearing color stays true and wears evenly.


    This is me wearing Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer in Fawn 

    Non-comedogenic and dermatologist- and allergy-tested to minimize the risk of allergy and irritation, it is perfect for all skin types, even sensitive skin. “I created this product because I wanted to give skin a fresh, healthy, no-makeup look with a soft hint of color that evens and enhances without hiding the skin,” comments Laura Mercier.

    Now that I’m in my prime, I’m searching for products that are gentle for my skin, but at the same time, leave it looking younger and more radiant. I have been using this product all season and I am completely delighted with it. I love it that it doesn’t feel heavy on my face, rather it feels nice and light as if I wasn’t wearing any product at all, but I still feel “put together.” The finish is lovely—it’s fresh and healthy looking and I love that as well.

    Have you tried Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer? Would you try it? I highly recommend that you do before using any heavy foundation because a nice, light, even coverage may be all you need, and that’s what you get with Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer.

    *This is an Amazon affiliate link to this product I recommend. If you purchase something from my blog, I may receive a small percentage of the sale at no extra cost to you. Thank you! //