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    FACTORFIVE rebuilds skin functions at the biological level to help you look younger


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    Billions of dollars are spent globally every year by consumers searching for a way to look as young as they feel. But injections, peels, chemicals, and fruit extracts only deliver fleeting results because they do not address the root cause of wrinkles, creases and lines – how skin functions. Stanford trained scientists formulated FACTORFIVE skincare using human stem cells to restore skin’s ability to heal itself and look younger. This unique approach to anti-aging skin treatments is revolutionary because it uses the body’s own building blocks to restore skin on the cellular level and reduce signs of aging.


    FACTORFIVE founder John Aylworth became fascinated by the healing ability of stem cells while working in surgical sales. He assembled a team of research scientists and developed a process to isolate growth factors, polypeptide complexes, and cytokines from the stem cells. As skin ages it becomes less efficient at producing these components. FACTORFIVE promotes cell renewal, boosts the production of collagen and elastin, restores aging cells, and, ultimately, generates more youthful looking skin. All stem cells used by FACTORFIVE come from adipose tissue (fat), which has a higher density of adult (mesenchymal) stem cells, than any tissue in the human body including bone marrow, cord blood and placenta tissue.

    A Word from the FACTORFIVE Founders

    “Our bodies already contain all the elements that we need to have younger looking skin,” said Aylworth. “The problem is we become less efficient at producing them as skin sheds and renews itself and over time we see those results physically manifest as wrinkles, lines, lost volume and age spots. Stem cells can help restore the elements that are not naturally being produced by the skin and improve its ability to heal itself again, thereby making it look younger.”

    The Skincare Line

    The FACTORFIVE skincare line currently includes FACTORFIVE Regenerative Serum ($199), FACTORFIVE anti-aging cream ($189) and FACTORFIVE eye/lash cream ($149). FACTORFIVE Regenerative Serum should be applied to dry skin immediately after cleansing followed by a moisturizer like the FACTORFIVE anti-aging cream or daily sun protection. FACTORFIVE eye/lash cream helps to both replenish the eye area while also quickly and safely enhancing lashes and brows. It will not affect eye color like some lash and brow treatments.

    Photo courtesy of Amplitude Magazine

    None of the Bad Stuff

    FACTORFIVE products contain no alcohols, aldehydes or parabens and are available in over 800 physician’s offices across the country. FACTORFIVE products can also be ordered online through Amazon or at



    At its core, FACTORFIVE humanizes aging. Backed by years of scientific research, our award-winning skincare company seeks to redefine how we, as a society, look at aging.  Powered by ethically derived human stem cells, FACTORFIVE works harmoniously with your own skin to replenish growth factors that naturally deplete as we age. Rather than hype, FACTORFIVE relies on innovation. Their cutting-edge formula has garnered them a loyal following and allowed FACTORFIVE to leverage the latest scientific discoveries in human stem cell research.


    Final thoughts

    This is quite expensive but I feel like it works well for my skin. I found it to be a soothing part of my daily and nightly skin care rituals as it easily absorbs into your face.  After three weeks of using the serum and cream, my complexion is clear and with less hyperpigmentation. To see best results, I will continue using these products for the duration and see what happens.

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