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    Time for a Touch Up

    MILANI knows the best way to make an entrance is to make a statement…

    And few things are as glamorous, attention-getting and alluring than lipstick. Women have been painting their lips with pigments to enhance their faces for centuries, and today there are so many choices of lipsticks to choose from it’s absolutely overwhelming. It’s certainly fun, though, to have all of this variety. What’s your favorite lipstick? Do you have a signature shade, the one lipstick you swear by and are loyal to?


    For me, the hunt is still on, but I think I may have found a winner: MILANI. They make some of the best lipsticks I’ve ever tried (and believe me, at The Bad Ass Writer, we try on a ton of different lipsticks). I never leave the house without my eyeliner and lipstick on. Right now, I am totally coveting MILANI Rose Femme/#42 with its matte finish, slick gold case and its remarkably affordable price tag.

    Moreover, MILANI is formulated with microfine pigments for high-impact color. The smooth, moisturizing formula is available in a multitude of shades and finishes.


    The MILANI mattes are nothing short of a masterpiece of a formula – they go on your lips nice and smooth and never look or feel heavy. The color stays in place and does not bleed! Best of all, a few swipes of lipstick will last through four hours of conversation. MILANI represents exactly what I expect out of a lipstick but without drying out my lips or being uncomfortably chalky.

    They have a fabulous color range in all of their formulas. I’ll certainly be buying more of these very soon. The creams also smell and taste like watermelon jolly ranchers candy which is pretty trippy!

    I tried this lipstick after a recommendation from and am SO glad I did! I have been through  countless brands in various shades (some costing $30) in my life and this $6.00 lipstick meets my requirements. Lightweight, non-drying, beautiful depth of color and amazing staying power. It’s all here with MILANI.

    So which fabulous shade of MILANI lipstick will we see you in?



    *This is an Amazon affiliate link to this product I recommend. If you purchase something from my blog, I may receive a small percentage of the sale at no extra cost to you. Thank you! //

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