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    A Review on Plush Lipsticks and a Revitalizing Bubbly Mask 


    Merle Norman Delivers

    Merle Norman’s Revitalizing Bubbly Mask

    This is a sponsored post in partnership with Merle Norman Cosmetics. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

    Let’s face facts.  Cold weather demands a change in skin care and is critical for a number of reasons.  In addition to checking your face and body for abnormal looking moles and spots, taking care of your skin and treating it with the most advanced technology and trusted products is vital to gorgeous, healthy skin. Merle Norman Cosmetics, Inc.  has been around for close to a century, providing customers with superior quality products and pioneering skin care advancements. But today’s products are different than your grandmother’s as they have evolved over the years, perfecting their formulas even more as the years go on.


    Merle Norman Lipstick in Daredevil

    Plush Lipsticks

    You can count on them for plush lipsticks for the perfect pout! Take your lip color to the next level with Merle Norman’s plush lipsticks, that are available in 24 shades. One swipe wraps lips in sensational color, plush texture, and a comfy satin-matte finish. Merle Norman’s plush lipsticks are boosted with a multi-level hydration system of Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin F and Shea butter to keep lips soft, smooth and supple. It wears beautifully and is long lasting. It was about four hours after applying before I had to touch up my lipstick.

    My lipstick print of DAREDEVIL

    Fast Facts

    -Sensational color

    -Multi-level hydration system

    -Faceted teardrop shape bullet allows for precision application

    -Free of alcohol, gluten, carmine and parabens

    -Dermatologist tested

    -Available in 24 shades

    PRICE: $25.00


    Revitalizing Bubbly Mask

    For all skin types, you can recharge your complexion with brightening bubbles! This fun, multi-sensory formula with a refreshing scent will excite your senses as it revives your skin. Designed to capture skin’s youthful vitality, this mask conditions, clarifies and evens skin tone. Emollients and humectants hydrate your skin, leaving it soft and smooth. Time-released antioxidants soothe,condition, improve clarity and even out skin tone while Vivillume helps restore skin luminosity. Leaves skin radiant, feeling silky and baby soft.

    Fast Facts

    Radiance-boosting mask provides a multi-sensory experience

    -Features aeration technology with a bubbling action

    -Helps restore skin’s vitality

    -Boosts skin’s moisture, leaving it softer, smoother and more hydrated

    -Provides a quick pick-me-up for skin

    -Awakens and energies your complexion

    -Improves overall complexion

    -Leaves skin radiant, polished and glowing

    -Cooling and refreshing

    -Dermatologist tested


    About Merle Norman Cosmetics

    Merle Norman Cosmetics is a prestige brand acclaimed for pioneering the “try before you buy” philosophy, as well as creating innovative and high-quality color cosmetics and skincare products that allow consumers to express their best selves.  For 88 years, the brand has provided consumers the confidence to pursue their dreams, explore their ideas, and create their own version of extraordinary.

    The unique idea that women should try cosmetics products with the guidance of a beauty expert before making a purchase was introduced by Merle Nethercutt Norman in 1931. One of the first women in the cosmetics industry and a true innovator, Merle Norman combined her revolutionary business model with breakthrough products that empowered women to look and feel their best, and become self-sufficient business owners by selling Merle Norman Cosmetics products in their own Studios. Today, Merle Norman Cosmetics remains family-owned with franchise Studios located throughout the United States, Canada, and internationally. Continuously evolving and creating effective, exciting, and technologically advanced products, Merle Norman Cosmetics remains dedicated to setting trends and fulfilling the ongoing needs of diverse customers everywhere.  For more information, visit

    The moral of the story is to become very familiar with the skin you’re in.  Make sure you see your dermatologist yearly for a skin check, report any unusual marks or moles and treat your skin to the most advanced, luxurious products available from the Merle Norman Cosmetics Collection.


    Visit for a local Merle Norman Studio.


    Final thoughts

    I thought the mask was fun to use;  the only thing is that it tickles your face due to its bubbling action, The lipstick is a dream–very emollient and moisturizing with a pop of fall color perfect for the holiday season.

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