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    Skin matters. Love your skin!  

    The following is a sponsored post in partnership with Brevena.  All opinions are 100% my own

    I don’t know about you, but I am so weary of face products that claim to be the holy grail, and I  only review products that I believe in. With BREVENA, The Skin Care Experts, they have the numbers to back up their success. There is a proven solution where in clinical studies, 100 percent of its users realized an improvement in skin texture/roughness; improvement in skin firmness/elasticity; and overall moisturization of the skin.

    At BREVENA, their products are clinically proven. They were developed side by side with scientists in a medical setting and originally used in burn and wound applications. They have been dermatologist tested and endorsed by surgeons and nurses. Their non-comedogenic products have been in the medical burn arena for over twenty years. Howeber, they have recently transitioned with the Brevena  brand into the consumer luxury skin care market beginning in 2015.

    The ultimate skin health and wellness with BREVENA with Macro B Complex®. 

    For Day and Night

    This power duo of BREVENA’s Daily Hydration Moisturizer and Restore & Hydrate Overnight Cream rescues overall skin health by improving the appearance of crow’s feet, fine lines and wrinkles; improving skin texture, tone and firmness; improving skin hydration; and improving skin luminosity. Even more, there’s Hyaluronic Acid, Cocoa Butter, Antioxidant Vitamin E and C to replenish and nourish your complexion.

    BREVENA is a clinical grade skin care line designed to address the needs of normal to sensitive skin types with the utmost care and concern for improved skin health. Macro B Complex® is a powerful, proprietary ingredient effortlessly restores dry, rough, aging and environmentally damaged skin leaving your skin soft, healthy and luminous

    So what exactly is Macro B Complex®?   

    It’s a ground-breaking technology begins with oat beta glucan, a powerful botanical element found in the cell wall of an oat. Through BREVENA’s proprietary purification process, oat beta glucan is transformed into the healing powerhouse known as, Macro B Complex®. This technology has been trusted by doctors and plastic surgeons for over 20 years to successfully treat traumatized skin in burn centers nationwide. The unique, cellular friendly properties of Macro B Complex make it the ideal formula to calm sensitive skin, replenish severely dry skin, and soothe irritation while protecting skin from future damage and environmental age accelerators. It was from this discovery that the BREVENA line of skin care products were born, bringing the power of Macro B Technology® to consumers everywhere.

    Researchers agree. They consider Macro B Complex® to be instrumental in the fight against daily environmental assaults such as pollution, free radicals and UV damage. It provides the essential moisture and protection necessary to minimize the aging process and maintain the health of your skin.

    A blond medical or scientific researcher or doctor using looking at a clear solution in a laboratory with her Asian female colleague out of focus behind her.

    BREVENA’s Clinical Studies have shown improvement in:

    • skin texture

    • skin elasticity

    • skin moisture

    • luminosity

    • wrinkles

    Product Background:

    Daily Hydration Moisturizer: 

    Featuring the Macro B Complex®, this formula locks in moisture while visibly plumping and softening skin, boosting luminosity and bounce.  

    Size/Price: 2 FL. OZ. / 60 ML (MSRP: $79) 

    ·      Products are dermatologist tested. Fragrance-free, dye-free, and steroid-free.

    ·      In a clinical study, users of the Daily Hydration Moisturizer realized: 

    o   100% showed improvement in skin texture/roughness

    o   100% showed improvement in skin firmness/elasticity

    o   100% showed improvement in moisturization of the skin

    o   90% showed improvement in skin luminosity

    o   97% showed improvement in crow’s feet wrinkle texture

    The Restore & Hydrate Overnight Cream:

    This formula, with Macro B Complex®, hyaluronic acid, shea butter and potent antioxidants works to replenish and infuse the skin with moisture for a visibly softer, smoother complexion by morning as you revitalize your skin while you sleep. 

    Size/Price: 2 FL. OZ. / 60 ML (MSRP: $89)

    ·      In a clinical study, users of The Restore & Hydrate Overnight Cream realized:

    o   100% showed improvement in skin texture/roughness

    o   100% showed improvement in skin firmness/elasticity

    o   100% showed improvement in moisturization of the skin

    o   97% showed improvement in skin luminosity

    o   100% showed improvement in crow’s feet wrinkle texture

    Often the start of a new year, predictions in varying market categories are made. From top diets for the New Year, to new workout trends, to bucket list travel destinations. Let’s not forget the beauty marketplace. With the start of 2020, we are already seeing a few skin care trends that can help you ensure your healthiest skin ever.

    The Top 3 2020 Skin Care Trends: 

    1.   CBD Skincare Products:  The use of replenishing CBD oils in skin care has grown significantly in the past year.  I see this trend not only continuing but growing significantly in 2020.  CBDs provide not only the right amount of hydration but anti-inflammatory effects as well that support the skins barrier function. Thank you to science, for putting the spotlight on the proper way to hydrate!
    2. Red Light Therapy: Technology is now part of our day to day existence and while we love our apps, they can have a negative effect on our skin.  Thankfully, awareness is growing about the many beneficial effects of red light and infrared light therapy as seen in the previous post (February 19. 2020)  here on The Badass Writer.  I predict that the role of red light and infra-red light in skin care will take on an elevated position in 2020. 
    3.  Toners.  This is usually the skincare step that people skip, but I feel that  toners will be big in 2020. Toning the skin helps balance pH levels while also removing dead skin cells from the surface.  This is a current trend that I see increasing in the coming year.  I like to think that this trend is a reflection of the changing mindset in our society around self-care.  Multitasking has its limits and its hazards. Thankfully, we are beginning to realize the importance of self-care by slowing down and taking time for ourselves to relax and rebalance.  Treating your skin with something special like a mask or scrub is the perfect, healthy way to accomplish this, and it feels amazing!  

    As you continue to evolve your own wellness regimen, consider these predictions and consider adding even just one of these into your routine to help you jump start a healthier you.

    Final thoughts

    Brevena is a great product. Easy to use, and a worthy investment. I love that they are cruelty-free and do not test on animals. 

    *This is an Amazon affiliate link to this product I recommend. If you purchase something from my blog, I may receive a small percentage of the sale at no extra cost to you. Thank you!

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