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    The Leading Men’s Grooming Brand  From Head to Toe 

    Photo by Jens Lindner

    As women, we want our men to look their best. Searching for the ideal Father’s Day present for my husband, I’m excited to announce I discovered the newest MANSCAPED product that just launched in May: The Weed Whacker. It’s their revolutionary electric ear and nose hair trimmer!  This premium trimmer is a true technological masterpiece, redesigning the traditional nose hair trimmer by focusing on maximum performance and comfort, and offering a sleek, ultramodern design.


    The Facts

    A recent MANSCAPED survey pulling from over 1,000 participants generated the following statistics**

    • 67% of men ages 18-54 trim their nose and ear hair, with 53% trimming regularly
    • 79% of women ages 18-44 agree that long ear and nose hair is unattractive!



    Standout Features

    • Proprietary SkinSafe™ Technology helps prevent nicks, snags and tugs.
    • Powerful 600mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery lasts for up to 90 minutes of use.
    • Premium 9,000 RPM motor powers 360-degree rotary dual-blade system.
    • Waterproof design enables convenient wet or dry operation and easy cleaning.
    • Intelligently contoured design enhances trimming experience.
    • Shock resistant housing delivers maximum confidence.
    • Replaceable blade for increased hygiene.
    • Most often, men buy a nose hair trimmer for cheap, only to have to replace it in a few months. The Weed Whacker is a lifer. In fact, they have a LIFETIME GUARANTEE!

    Where To Buy?

    The Weed Whacker is available online at for $39.99. Lifetime Guarantee!



    Their newest bundle debuting now is The Weed Whacker alongside their best-selling kit – The Perfect Package 3.0 – that includes their new Lawn Mower 3.0 trimmer and a plethora of other goodies for the goods. Properly dubbed The Performance Package, this must-have kit is priced at $109.99, but be sure to visit their website at for details on their Father’s Day Special.


    A Package for Your Package

    Crop Cleanser:   All in one wash for hair and body

    Crop Preserver:  Humidity absorbing and anti-chafing deodorant  for the manhood

    Crop Reviver:  Refreshing spritz for on-the-go freshness. Perfect to take to the gym with you so you can use it post-workout.

    The Lawn Mower 2.0: Waterproof handheld trimmer for your body hair.

    The Plow: Safety razor to reduce razor burn and irritation



    MANSCAPED also brings you The Lawn Mower to shave the rest of you, including those nether regions.  The goal here is NOT to look like a woolly mammoth!   The Lawn Mower 2.0  is waterproof, and has a built-in adjustable guard and helps you get around tight spaces. Just pull your skin taut, trim, then refine.

    There’s no need to fear nicks or cuts with this razor. It’s designed to give you a close shave without all the potential hazards that shaving usually brings.


    The Fight Against Testicular Cancer

    At MANSCAPED, they literally save balls.
    This means not only designing the right tools for the job, but raising awareness for this ball-busting disease. Testicular Cancer is the most common form of cancer among men ages 15-35.

    As part of their brand mission, MANSCAPED’S partnership with the Testicular Cancer Society aims to educate and entertain while spreading a very important message about early detection and self-screening to protect yourself against men’s health issues and cancer risk.


    Photo by Christopher Campbell

    Final thoughts

    My husband just loves the ear and nose trimmer!  He was using one from Panasonic, and getting it replaced every two years. Now with  The Weed Whacker  there are no worries. It comes with a lifetime guarantee, and that’s always nice. With  The Lawn Mower,  I experimented a bit and shaved my hubby’s side burns. Then I wanted to try it for myself and shaved my legs and underarms for a comfortable and smooth, nick-free finish.  Manscaped  is the leader in men’s grooming.

    This post was sponsored by MANSCAPED. All opinions are my own.

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