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    An exciting collection of perfume with a montage of classic meets modern


    Love Potion Fragrances

    Love Potion’s Collection of Fragrances


    The following is a sponsored post in partnership with Love Potion.  All opinions are 100% my own.

    Greetings…It’s cold out there! Despite the weather,  who doesn’t want to fall in love? Give yourself  a boost, spark your love life, and create your own destiny where romance is concerned…Try LOVE POTION the empowering new fragrance that’s all about engineering connection.  Look at the descriptions below for the LOVE POTION of your choice.

    Available at ($85) the four scents are ready to make autumn afternoons or holiday kisses that much more special.

    Which fragrance fits your path to romance?

    Love Potion #1

    Love Potion #1

    LOVE POTION #1 – Oriental Vanilla  (orange blossom top note) (This is my favorite) The vanilla in it makes it scrumptious!

    Love Potion #2

    Love Potion #2

    LOVE POTION #2 –  Aromatic Woody (green apple and spicy bergamot top notes) Very “green, almost grassy.

    Love Potion #3

    Love Potion #3

    LOVE POTION #3 – Chypre Floral (zesty citrus top notes) A fresh take on floral fragrances.

    Love Potion #4

    Love Potion #4

    LOVE POTION #4 – Aromatic Fougere (sheer water-inspired top notes) Perfect for the man in your life as it has masculine notes.

    Final Thoughts

    It’s hip, it’s pretty and the scents are sensational. These love potion scents are very unique and long lasting. Of course that depends on the person, but for me a few sprays lasted for hours, which I love.

    A lovely selection of scents to try for any time year, and it’s perfect for your holiday hostess gift or to a loved one who enjoys perfume. Each scent is wonderfully unusual,  evoking a different time and place. 


    Love Potion Fragrance Collection

    LovePotion Fragrance Collection


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