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    I never leave the house without my lipstick on. I’d feel naked, not quite right, I’d have to feign a headache and go home and put some on. Wearing lipstick completes my makeup. It spotlights my outfit, and uplifts my mood.

    This summer, I’m wearing PINK. But there is so many pretty shades to choose from!

    Here are some of my favorite hues of pink from my personal collection…



    From top to bottom:

    Christie Brinkley                      Charm

    Clinique                                      Pink Goddess

    Laura Mercier                           Persimmon

    Stila                                              Sonya

    True                                             Heiress

    Mineral Fusion                          Intensity


    As you will notice, some of these colors are a tint, as in Laura Mercier’s Persimmon, while others are rich in pigment, like Christie Brinkley Authentic Beauty’s Charm.  I like both of them, but I like the lipstick-in-a-tube format the best.


    I’m wearing Christie Brinkley Authentic Beauty in CHARM


    What are your favorite pink lipsticks?