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    There’s nothing like a bold red lip that spells


    Going to a business meeting, red is your power color. Going on a date, red is your color for seduction. Slick on some red lipstick and feel like a bad ass–that feeling that no one can mess with you. Wear red lips and be unforgettable!

    Here are some of my favorite shades of red from my collection…

    From top to bottom:


    Here are some of my favorite shades of red from my personal collection…

    From top to bottom:

    Benefit                               Frenched

    Lipstick Queen                Jean Queen

    Chanel                               Coco Red

    Christie Brinkley             Stunner

    Olaxer Lip Stain              Mondo Red

    Lipstick Queen                Wine Sinner

    Buxom                               Graphic Grape

    Besame                              Merlot

    As you will notice, some of these colors are a tint, as in Lipstick Queen Jean Queen, while others are rich in pigment, like Chanel Coco Red.  I wear them depending on my mood and what I’m wearing.


    I’m wearing Christie Brinkley Authentic Beauty in STUNNER


    What are your favorite reds?

    Coming up: A tribute to my favorite pink shades in Lipsticks & Love






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