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    For the Love of Nude Lipstick

    I am a big believer in lipstick therapy.  Having a bad day? Buy yourself a lipstick. Got a new outfit or a pair of shoes?  Find yourself a complimentary lipstick. Breaking up with your boyfriend? A new lipstick will cheer you up a bit.

    About 25 years ago, I survived a boat explosion. My left cheekbone was shattered after I was hit in the face with fiberglass from the speed boat I was riding in that hit a log in the water and blew up. Almost losing my left eye, I was lucky to be alive at all. While I was recuperating from surgery in the hospital, my best friend, Lisa Hanes, brought me underwear and a pinky-coral lipstick from Clinique. It made me smile. I wish they still carried that shade. There’s nothing like a new lipstick to make your day brighter! Here’s the rundown on some of the prettiest nude shades I’ve ever seen…

    From Top to Bottom


    Lancome                                 Schoolgirl

    Christie Brinkley                  Bliss

    Lise Waiter                            Kim

    Hope Girl                               R14N01

    Mac                                         Fast Play

    Jane Iredale                          Kaylee


    Which one is your favorite shade?




    Let me know what your favorites are.

    Coming up: Lipstick & Leather: A Tribute to Reds



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