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    A wash-off mask to brighten and revitalize dull skin this summer. Its gel formula has moisturizing and toning effects.


    Got turkey and stuffing to go with that?

    Skinfood Freshmade Cranberry Mask

    • A wash-off gel mask featuring vitality capsules that burst during application to tone and moisturize your skin.

    The Skinfood Freshmade Cranberry Mask. is a wash-off mask for those of us who want to brighten and revitalize dull skin. Its gel formula has moisturizing and toning effects for a glowing complexion.


    Did you know that cranberries are rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants which help create a clear and revitalized complexion?

    In addition, Cranberries contain tons of anthocyanins which act like antioxidants to protect against sun and free radical damage, help repair damaged cells and promote the growth of new and healthy cells, too

    • Leaves a fresh cranberry scent.
    • Affordable


    I like to use this mask on Sunday mornings as part of my “spa day” as it is “berry” refreshing and makes your skin feel nice and clean (as it should of course). Often times, I can pair this up with a few drops of GM COLLIN facial oil and some ERBORIAN CC cream and then there’s no need for make up throughout the day! Say good bye to your dull skin with the use of this mask.

    What are your favorite K-Beauty masks and products? Would you try this Cranberry mask?

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