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    Happy 10th Birthday Sugar!

    10 years ago, I went to see a lady in Wilton, California whose beautiful West Highland White Terrier (Westie) had some pups. I think there were eight of them squirming around and they all looked the same with that bright white fur. They were up for sale! I have never seen anything so cute in my whole life. Suddenly, I was on the floor of her kitchen, with eight of these adorable puppies climbing all over me and crawling into my hair. However, immediately, one puppy stood out. She was so sweet and so rambunctious, we had to have her. She sat on my lap, bit my ears, and licked my face during the drive home, without a whimper. It was like she knew she was going to a loving home. I named her Sugar, after both the color of her fur and her disposition. She’s the 4th dog I have raised since childhood and she just soooo sweet!

    Sugary Sweet Photo Gallery


    Sugar the puppy with her toy lobster. Doesn’t she look like a funny little rabbitt?


    My daughter Lauren and Sugar doing a selfie. They love each other so much!


    Sugar Loves posing for the camera


    Sugar is tired after traveling to Reno. She is on the bed at Harrah’s. She always has to be laying on pillows and blankets. She loves that!


    Sugar at home. ‘Ears looking at you, kid.


    Sugar loves flowers in her fur


    Sugar is dressed nicely in a grey woolen sweater. This was taken last Winter.


    Here she is, kicking back on the rear patio scanning for deer


    Sugar & Chopin my cat in the guest bedroom

    Sugar with Chopin on the couch hanging out together


    Sugar loves to go for rides in my Benz


    All snug as a bug in a rug, this was taken last fall.


    Sugar did her own face mask, made with the freshest of mud from my flower garden of course.


    Sugar needs a trip to the Doggie Day Spa…

    About Westies

    All-white Westies are from Scotland, with their all-black counterpart known as Scotties. Westies are very loyal and protective of people and their home. They travel well in cars, and are wonderful with people of all ages.

    The West Highland Terriers were given their name in 1908-around the same time major kennel clubs started to develop. West Highland Terriers, descending from a breed of vigorous dogs that chased rats and foxes through the moors, are naturally inquisitive and very bright. Westies were bred from the white offspring of Cairns and Scotties in order to create a hunting terrier. They made their first well-known appearance at a London dog show in 1907 and were registered by the AKC in 1908.  Today, it should come as no surprise to see members of the royal family walking with a West Highland Terrier. The Westie is very popular in the United Kingdom and they fall into the top third of all breeds in the United States.

    Westies are full of life and affection! Mine is always showering me with love. They are absolutely beautiful, which is why you see them in so many advertisements on TV. These little babies are the featured breed in the Cesar dog food commercials.I just love my little dog Sugar. I hope these photos made you smile!

    Sugar is in charge of The Badass Fun & Games Department.

    Thank you for reading this edition of The Badass Writer!  You can count on me to bring you the very best in beauty, books and luxury travel.  

    What kind of dog do you have? Send me a photo of your dog so I can publish it in a future post. Leave us your comments below and subscribe and you’ll be entered to win cool prizes like make-up, books and skincare from The Badass Writer Fun & Games Department with Sugar! See you soon!