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    As Seen on Good Morning America

    For lightening age spots

    BeautyStat Cream and Serum

    This is a sponsored post with BeautyStat. All opinions are my own.

    Today, The Badass Writer is featuring two NEW skincare products released in 2019 as seen on Good Morning America by BeautyStat Cosmetics, proven to give both immediate and ongoing results including skin smoothness, radiance and hydration. The line was developed by Cosmetic Chemist Ron Robinson. It’s a perfect gift combination for battling winter conditions.

    This moisture boost cream slides onto your skin nicely

    The Cream

    BeautyStat Universal Pro-Bio Moisture Boost Cream

    BeautyStat Cream


    Universal Pro-Bio Moisture Boost Cream:

    An ultra-lightweight moisturizer, the NEW Universal Pro-Bio Moisture Boost Cream contains skin-boosting Hyaluronic Acid that binds moisture to the skin to maintain its optimum moisture level. Skin is instantly quenched, keeping it smooth, supple, and hydrated all day. A proprietary barrier moisture-repair complex with ceramides and pomegranate sterols protects and repairs to seal and boost your skin’s moisture mantle, minimizing premature lines and wrinkles.

    Universal Pro-Bio Moisture Boost Cream: SIZE: 1 oz. MSRP: $50

    BeautyStat Serum

    BeautyStat Skin Refiner Serum

    If you want brighter, tighter, younger and overall better looking skin, there’s an ingredient for that, Vitamin C.  This powerhouse ingredient, a potent anti-oxidant helps even skin tone, reduce inflammation, correct dark spots and promote healthy collagen production reducing lines and wrinkles.

    BeautyStat Serum

    Skin Refiner Serum

    BeautyStat Universal C Skin Refiner: 

    A powerful, clinically-tested Vitamin C-based skincare product, very different from the others, formulated with 20% pure Vitamin C (L ASCORBIC ACID) and a patented encapsulated delivery system that continues to work its magical full-strength results throughout use with no degrading of color or formula. Immediately and over time improves skin smoothness and radiance and is safe for all skin types including sensitive skins. Skin tone and texture become more even, lines, wrinkles and dark spots are diminished, and skin becomes firmer. Skin glows with the refreshing look of health.

    As part of a daily skincare regimen, this crème/gel glides onto skin improving smoothness and radiance from first use to last. In addition to lightly hydrating skin, it brightens, helps even tone, and re-texturizes from day one. The Skin Refiner also results in fine lines, wrinkles, and dark/sun spots appearing diminished. Redness and pore size will be reduced, and skin will appear refreshed and firmer with an overall healthier look and feel.

    Universal C Skin Refiner: SIZE: 1 oz. MSRP: $80

    Both products are allergy and dermatologist-tested. Fragrance-free.


    BeautyStat’s New Products

    Final thoughts

    I find that these are quality products that are also affordable.  These products are formulated to even tone, re-texturize and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. After using them for two weeks, my skin’s pores are much smaller, and the Vitamin C serum lightened those awful sun spots I had and skin discoloration.

    Products are available at BeautyStat Cosmetics ( and Violet Grey (

    To learn more visit:

    Thank you for reading this edition of The Badass Writer. As we head towards Thanksgiving, more posts on beauty, books, lifestyle and luxury travel are on the way. See you soon! Please share this post on social media if you enjoyed it.




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