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    Modern. Chic. Dramatic.

    As we head into Spring, it’s time to change our fragrance wardrobe just as we do with our clothes. It’s time to place our heavy parfums on the back burner and go for lighter fine scents instead.

    Princess Noir is the absolute latest in Vera Wang’s iconic Princess Fragrance line, the #1 franchise in the Vera Wang Portfolio. She is feminine and modern, always sophisticated and stylish and she has many unexpected, free-spirited characteristics. She has the magical, whimsical, youthful spirit that resides in all of us—regardless of age.

    The newest Princess, Princess Noir, is undeniably feminine and luxuriously sensual.

    With fearless confidence, she’s effortlessly chic with a hint of dramatic mystery.  Princess Noir embodies the woman who is modern with a sensual edge.  Princess Noir is the last thing she puts on that completes her look for a romantic night in, or out under the city lights.



    Yummm….the fragrance opens with sparkling jeweled fruits. At the heart, blooms a bouquet of soft, clean florals. The duality of young, fresh and spontaneous femininity with a wink of sensual appeal sets Princess Noir apart from other fragrances.

    TOP:                Mandarin, Pear, Blackcurrant

    HEART:            Cotton flower, Jasmine, Freesia

    BASE:              Palissander Wood, Patchouli, Amber Notes, Chocolate



    Princess Noir is the youthful embodiment of Vera Wang fashion. The bottle design is beautiful; inspired by the bodice of a Vera Wang ready-to-wear dress. The shape of the bottle is a heart and reminiscent of the lace corset adorning her skin. The black design compliments any vanity and captures the undefined deep sensuality of fragrance and femininity meeting your skin.

    Stripped down fashion and dark mystery creates the alluring scent once it hits your body.

    The bottle is draped with a black lace bodice that references a handcrafted Vera Wang piece. The color palette is Vera’s favorites: black with hints of feminine blush tones. The iconic silver hot-stamped Princess heart logo is on the carton and the Princess crown embellishes the top of the bottle which adds a lovely, lustrous finish


    Available now at 1.7 oz and 1 oz at *This is an Amazon affiliate link to this product I recommend. If you purchase something from my blog, I may receive a small percentage of the sale at no extra cost to you. Thank you!,aps,575&crid=3DWWA9E0MB8TL&linkCode=ll2&tag=baw0f-20&linkId=ee27b1aa6facbffb5567979b11b2aa59