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    The Belt that You’ve Always Wanted but Wasn’t Available Until Now


    Belts keep your pants up, but they can still let your spirits down– the buckle makes your shirt look bumpy and they can be very uncomfortable and poke your stomach.

    Enter the InfinityBelt™! This buckle-less wonder does the same job your regular belt does but without the bulky buckle.

    It’s made from stretchy, colored elastic that closes with hook-and-eyes … the very same fasteners your bra has, so it’s simple to secure. Because there’s no buckle, the InfinityBelt™lies perfectly flat beneath your clothes, so whatever you’re wearing has a perfect shape. Also, because it’s made from stretchy elastic, it’s a must for when you’re expecting or when you’ve gained or lost some weight.

    While it’s no doubt functional, the InfinityBelt™is fashionable too. It comes in the basics and lots of fun colors to compliment whatever you’re wearing, making it the perfect accessory for your fall wardrobe!

    Fashion Fix.jpg

    More Reasons Why You’ve Gotta Have the InfinityBelt™:

    Great for travel; there’s no need to remove it at airport security. I own a black one, and I am taking it to Honolulu with me. It goes with every single outfit I need a belt for and I love it.

    Leave the belt fastened when you use the restroom; it’ll just slide down and up with your pants!

    No more hitching up your pants ( I hate that)

    No more buckle bulge (I hate that too!)

    No more panty peek (that’s tacky)

    No more pokey button tab

    Machine washable and dryable (good to know)

    Self-adjusting; great for people with metal allergies (no metal is exposed to the skin)

    Only $24.99 with free shipping (this belt will last a very long time)


    About Infinity Belt – Lindsay Ann James had a problem. She didn’t like wearing pants with belt loops without wearing a belt, but she didn’t like bulky buckles either. Her friend had a problem with belts too, she didn’t like wearing them because they felt too heavy. Lindsay and her friend decided they had to do something … take action for fashion they say … to fix the issue. Their genius solution is the InfinityBelt™, perhaps the world first buckle-less belt that’s as comfy as it is cute. The ladies belted it out of the park with the InfinityBelt™!

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