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    I admit it, I’m not much of a drinker because in college I drank enough to last until I’m 95. I do like the occassional cocktail or glass of champagne, yet my friends wonder what’s wrong with me because they are all into wine.

    Ever wish there was an easier way to make a cocktail or at least a way to make a drink that’s different? The answer is here!  Introducing RSVP SKINNIES COCKTAIL MIXERS. They are zero calorie all- natural cocktail mixers made with plant-based ingredients and stevia for sweetener. For flavor and color they use fruit and plant-based extracts.

    To mix a drinkie, simply use one shot glass of the booze of your choice, 4 oz of Water, and a packet of SKINNIES. Add ice and a twist of lime, stir it up like a mixologist and you’re there.  You’ll discover six packets of the mix per box. They are wonderful to have around for summer entertaining.



    1. All natural
    2. Zero calories
    3. Gluten free
    4. Zero sugar
    5. Four flavors

    SKINNIES come in four enticing flavors such as Maui Mai Tai (add rum) London Gimlet (add gin), Baja Margarita (add tequila) and New York Cosmo (add vodka).

    With all these flavors it makes it fun to drink.  And who drinks SKINNIES? Women and men who want to relax and minimize the calories in their cocktails. Some people mix their cocktails with club soda to save between 100-300 calories per drink, but again,  SKINNIES has zero calories!

    10 SKINNIES Benefits:

    1. No sugar
    2. Zero calories
    3. No aspartame
    4. No artificial colors
    5. No artificial ingredients
    6. Gluten free
    7. All natural
    8. Shelf life 12 months
    9. MSRP $6.00 per box of 6 mixes
    10. Made in the USA

    For details and to order, visit or call (786) 853-8032. Check out