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    Self-Made Cosmetics: Crystal-Infused Body Scrubs, Face Masks, Serums & More!


    Now more than ever, as we live in toxic times, it’s important to “naturalize” your beauty routine as much as possible. I recently discovered a skin care company that does exactly that but in a very unique way…

    Introducing Self-Made Cosmetics, an all-natural, hand-made skin care company that focuses on making products to make women feel more confident in themselves. Being self-made is more than just hand-making the product ourselves but making sure that as people and as a company, they are staying true to themselves and making something of what they have within them. Says Founder Kristen Zaldana, “Through our face & body care, we offer products that contain crystals for energy healing benefits, as well as products with ingredients that nourish for maximum skincare benefits.”

    Why Crystal Infusion? 

    Crystals have been of aide of healing dating back to our ancestors nearly 6,000 years ago! At Self-Made Cosmetics, they just love to incorporate crystals into many of their products to provide the utmost healing for their customers. By carefully choosing which crystal gem to charge with its corresponding ingredient, they strive to offer products that will bring positive energy to enhance your everyday life! 

    Why Natural Ingredients? 

    Self-Made Cosmetics prides itself on what goes into their products. Ensuring that there are NO harsh chemicals that will damage your skin over time is extremely important to them. They use pure and plant-based ingredients to make sure you are not exposed to anything that could potentially harm you. Using natural ingredients and naturally-derived preservatives is a sure way to ensure a strong foundation for healthy skin.

    No Parabens

    No Sulfates

    Cruelty Free


    There are specifically two products that I am really excited about that I want to share with you today. Let’s take a look…




    Make your skin feel soft & pure with this deep facial scrub! Made with sugar to exfoliate, BLACK OBSIDIAN + CHARCOAL will assist in cleansing toxins from your pores, leaving you with fresh feeling skin. Babassu Oil & Tea Tree Essential Oil are charged with a Black Obsidian crystal to help extract any negative energy while visibly fighting acne naturally. Aside from using this as a scrub, I also like to leave it on for 10-15 minutes as a mask, then rinse it off with warm water.


    Formed from molten lava, Black Obsidian solidifies as a glossy crystal. Known to be one of the most powerful crystals, this warrior of truth crystal is believed to help remove negativity & to re-balance energy.

    2 oz / 56.7 g


    CHARCOAL: visibly reduces pores, removes excess oil from skin, deep cleans skin

    BABASSU OIL: fights acne, helps relieve dry/itchy skin, visibly reduces inflammation

    TEA TREE ESSENTIAL OIL: fights acne, helps reduce inflammation, relieves dry/itchy skin

    This product is preservative free!



    This is something for you to indulge in and enjoy at night, and it’s perfect for a nourishing sleep! With Sweet Almond Oil charged with Kyanite, their vitamin A & E rich KYANITE + LOTUS EXTRACT SERUM helps promote tissue repair as it hydrates your skin. This floral serum soothes your skin with chamomile and jasmine essential oils to gently soothe and calm your skin for a relaxing night’s rest.


    Kyanite is known to be an exceptional manifesting stone. This beautiful opaque blue crystal transfers energy very quickly. It removes blockages and negativity, allowing the good vibes to flow within your energy.

    1.7 fl oz/ 50 ml


    LOTUS FLOWER EXTRACT: Relaxes the nerves and promotes sleep

    SWEET ALMOND OIL: Moisturizes and hydrates your skin

    ROSEHIP OIL: Anti-aging and skin-rejuvenating

    CHAMOMILE OIL: Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory

    JASMINE OIL: Soothes and calms your skin

    *This product is preservative free!

    Final Thoughts

    I believe that Self-Made Cosmetics is on the right track—this green indie company is on to a good thing, using only natural ingredients and buzz-worthy crystals in their skin care products with a medium price point. I feel absolutely wonderful using this cosmetic line from an earth-conscious standpoint and I love how it makes me feel.

    To order, visit their website at

    Are you using all-natural skincare products? How do you feel about crystals? Would you try Self-Made Cosmetics?  Please leave your comments below and you’ll be entered to win cool prizes from The Bad Ass Writer Fun & Games Department!

    Thanks for hanging out with me! Coming up on The Badass Writer:  A Revolution Mint Palette review, details on the Ultimate California Road Trip and a book review on the 7 Steps to Personal Power. Stay tuned…



    I receive samples of products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions and thoughts are my own.


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