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    Over-exposure to the strong spring and summer sun, chlorine dips in the pool, and salty ocean waves can leave your hair dry, dull, and thirsty for the essential nutrients it needs to shine to its fullest potential. While you may think you¹ll be too busy having fun in the sun to concern yourself with hair care and maintenance, there are simple tips, tricks, and products you can use that will make it feel almost effortless.

    Speaking with me today is bi-lingual NYC Hair Stylist, Lucy Garcia Planck, from Salon Bergdorf Goodman. Together we came up with several  ways, sprays, and must-haves for your healthiest hair that¹s as vibrant as you are during the summer months:



    • Pool protection should be a top priority for frequent swimmers. Chlorine is a chemical, so as you could imagine, it is not a friend to your hair and has serious dehydrating effects.


    • Try Philip Kingsley Swimcap Cream after swimming or other water activities to safeguard against breakage and color fading with enhanced UV protection.


    • Get a pre-season trim.  It¹s a great idea to get a trim to start out the summer.  Sun rays will do extra damage to hair ends that are already dead and dry- so start the season off fresh to minimize damage and follow up with another trim six-eight weeks later


    • If you’re blond, why not go blonder? John Frieda offers The go-blonder lemon miracle masque. It’s like a hair mask, you apply it and work it into your tresses after you shampoo. I like the fact that it’s supposed to make your hair stronger by strengthening the fragile hair fibers before and after lightening.


    • Start a hair vitamin regimen. Beautiful, healthy hair starts from the inside, out.  Vitafusion Gorgeous Hair Skin & Nails is a daily multivitamin in delicious gummy form that provides biotin, antioxidant vitamins C & E, and 12 key nutrients to support luxurious hair




    • Get down with an anti-frizz. We all know the frustration of styling your hair to perfection after much time and energy, only to step outside and watch your hair defy all of your efforts- not to mention the wasted damage inflicted from using hot tools.   Rusk Anti-Frizz Spray is a lightweight spray that creates a barrier between humid air and your hair and adds volume to your style. Another one I love is John Frieda’s Hair Care. The shampoo , Daily Nourishment, lathers nicely, the conditioner leaves your hair sleek, plus the variety of hair masks are a real treat, adding moisture to dry hair. These hair masks are intense,. They only need 5 minutes to soak in. Use these and you’ll be frizz-free.!


    • Don¹t wash your hair every day. While it¹s tempting to wash your hair every hot summer day- this habit will strip your hair of essential oils leaving it dry and brittle.  Figure out a washing routine that works best for you and your hair, whether it¹s every other day or once every three days.  Try a dry-shampoo hair refresh for non-wash days like Batiste Dry Shampoo. Oribe makes a dry texturizing spray that’s pretty good as it acts like a dry shampoo as well.



    • On days you do wash your hair, you I advise you to refresh your hair with John Frieda Hair Care products. They offer a shampoo, conditioner and a variety of different hair masks to make pampering fun.



    • Have you ever heard of anything as wonderfully scrumptious as “Hair perfume?” It’s a thing. Of the Tocca scents I tried, I fell madly in love with Florence, which is a salute to Italy in a gardenia and bergamot fragrance. So you only wear it in your hair! That takes getting used to!



    I hope these hair tips are a big help to you. Thank you for reading The Badass Writer. The very best in Beauty, Books, Lifestyle & Luxury travel articles are coming your way! Subscribe so you can be a part of it! Share on social media, too, if you like. I’d appreciate it!  See you soon!