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    Times are changing, and so are our priorities. Our dedication to health may be at its peak, and for some of us it’s at its breaking point…COVID and flu season will do that to you. It’s time take better care of yourself and your family. Let’s get back on track with your self-care with one of the best-selling detox teas on Amazon. There’s no better way to kick start your health and relax at the same time!

    Being constantly bombarded with bad news (except you’ll NEVER, EVER find bad news on The Badass Writer) is making us a little crazy. Stress eating is off the charts, which is a recipe for unwanted pounds to see their way straight to unfortunate places. And damn, are we tired.

    Thankfully, help is here! Look no further than baebody’s baetea 14 Day Detox Tea. It’s an easy fix. This two-week tea is the anytime helping hand for cleansing and purifying your inner body, helping to boost metabolism while naturally suppressing your appetite.


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    Each beautiful baebody tea bag is packed with a superfood and a nutritional blend of green tea, ginger root & pomegranate to help relieve bloating, while also increasing energy levels for your day ahead. You may wish to sub out your morning coffee or tea for the 14 Day Detox Tea and you’d be on your way to only looking great, but more importantly. Feeling great!


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    Photo by Laverna Journey 

    Key ingredients

    Garcinia Cambogia (appetite suppressant and helps block fat forming enzymes).

    Green Tea helps with fat loss and is also a power antioxidant

    Ginger root is a known anti-inflammatory and also settles your stomach.

    Product benefits

    Cleanses and purifies your body

    Boosts metabolism and suppresses appetite

    Increases energy levels


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    baebody keeps you healthy and feeling good. They take a whole-body approach to build a bridge between inner & outer beauty.  Much of what shows up on your skin, like redness, dryness and wrinkles, needs to be addressed both topically and internally.  These products create health and beauty from the inside out!

    baebody is a simplified self-care destination for the whole body, for everybody. Their mission is to make their customers hectic lives easier and more enjoyable by encouraging you to put your self-care first, and knowing you are not alone. The brand might be an internet favorite, but they were born in Chicago and still made there today.

    All baebody products are powered by 80% + natural ingredients, and they only use the best! Everything else is to ensure they’re safe for your use.  Imagine if you could get all your inner & outer salf-care needs in one place? Yes, baebody imagined it! With every product having 4+ stars and many “Amazon Choice” winners, it’s safe to say this brand is a cult favorite!


    14 Day Detox bate


    Final thoughts

    I love the fact this tea contains rooibos.  And that means it’s pleasantly tasty. I find it to be mellow and smooth. My body’s system has been more regular since drinking it and it did not give me any harsh side effects.  Baetea is also made from select top ingredients including green tea leaf, matcha, ginger root. pomegranate and guarana seed. I think that’s pretty amazingl and I appreciate the boost of energy without the jitters!

    Thank you for joining us on this edition of The Badass Writer, where we bring you only positive news on  beauty, books, lifestyle and travel. We’ll be back next week so do subscribe below.

    In the meantime, stay safe and well my friend. I’m sending positive vibes your way.

    Holiday blessings,


    This is a sponsored post with baebody. All thoughts and opinions are my own.