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    A Beautiful Collection of Fragrances

    Introducing luxe new fragrances by NATEEVA. Each of the three featured fragrances are inspired by the native flowers of the Caribbean, a fresh fragrant trio from Laurent Le Guernec.

    These beautifully crafted scents will sweep you away to the golden warmth of stress-free idle days.

    NATEEVA’s first fragrances celebrates the extraordinary essences of the islands and are therefore aptly named: The Bahamas, Jamaica and Saint Martin.  The Bahamas is a wonderful floral scent inspired by the yellow Elder flower of the island.  The exotic native scent of Jamaica is derived from the Lignum Vitae flower, and my favorite, Saint Martin, is duly inspired by the gorgeous and stunning Hibiscus flower. Here’s what it says inside the gorgeous packaging and box of this particular perfume:


    Flaming crimson petals bloom

    Against velvet leaves

    Hibiscus swaying gently

    In the tender breeze of reminiscence

    Your sweet perfume veils

    The powdery white shore

    And crystalline emerald sea

    Etching memories on my heart

    I want to wake up with you again

    In the golden morning paradise of my mind

    Like a lover’s silken touch

    Your ethereal blossoms call me back…

    The other two scents are just as intoxicating. They are all florals but very different in scent.

    I like to spray my body and then my pillows and sheets for a pleasant night’s sleep; waking up refreshed and ready to take on the day.

    Perhaps the best thing about this perfume trio is that it has staying power; the scent lasts and lasts without being overbearing.

    Add NATEEVA to your life and you will be transported to the lush Caribbean without leaving home. I think it should be part of every woman’s fragrance collection; the perfect scent for hot, humid days and balmy, romantic nights wherever you are.

    For more details and to order, please call 1.855.NATEEVA or visit


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