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     Curated Parfums Capture the Evocative Landscape of New England 



    From Boston, Mass. comes BLUEHILL Fragrances.  Let this collection take you away to a dynamic, authentic destination: New England. A rocky coastline softened with beach roses, elegant brownstone-lined streets enlivened with the scent of blossom-filled window boxes, bay-side sojourns lifting you on a wave of sea-salted air,  citified gardens so lush and fragrant your senses run wild.

    Adventure beckons, inviting you on a personal odyssey through a fragrant territory brought to life by scent memories.

    Photo by Lance Anderson

    Introducing the first three fragrances from BLUEHILL Fragrances

    Suggested retail price $95.00

    A curated collection of eaux de parfums capturing the very essence of New England: Beach Rose, Metrogarden, and  Back Bay.  Available in time for Holiday 2019/Winter 2020.

    How do we experience New England? As a lifestyle: fresh, sporty, rustic, naturally beautiful, a landscape to fall in love with – winter, spring, summer or fall.

    The notes of BLUEHILL Fragrances ring true–the ingredients are indigenous to the locale.  The scents call to mind imagery we traditionally associate with New England: ruggedly athletic families playing football on Cape Cod, pristine snowy woods immortalized by the poetry of Robert Frost, clambakes and bonfires, giddy first kisses and cozy, oversized varsity sweaters, salty breezes as we sit beachside watching lobster boats bobbing offshore.

    Romantic, aspirational, and transporting…BLUEHILL Fragrances are a remarkable invitation to a life we can imagine as ours! Distinctive, treasured, timeless.

    Fresh Flowers of BlueHill

    Photo by Annie Spratt


    Sandy Carr, founder of BLUEHILL Fragrances, speaks of the fragrant journey she invites us all to take: “A fragrance can whisk you away to other times and places; it can provide a brief escape by calling up a special memory or by promising something new. We’re coaxing you to dream a little, take a different path…travel along with us through the landscape of New England. Be part of a merging past and present that allows you to discover romance in the beauty that surrounds us every day.”

    Photo by Kelly Sikkema

    BLUEHILL Fragrances

    When you purchase BLUEHILL Fragrances, a portion of the proceeds will benefit Blue Hills Reservation; the nature preserve just outside of Boston that serves as the olfactive inspiration for the fragrances.

    In the natural beauty of the Blue Hills Reservation just outside of Boston, there are more than 7,000 acres traversing forests, marshes, swamps, ponds, flowering meadows, and a fragrant Atlantic white cedar bog.  The vantage point of the Great Blue Hill offers panoramic views of Boston’s skyline and harbors, encouraging us as we ponder the present to imagine the past. This is a fragrance collection created to encourage our senses to contemplate the historic eras that spawned the city’s lush parks, brick-lined neighborhoods, and well-loved gathering places such as Faneuil Hall and the old North Church.

    Photo by Annie Spratt

    The area’s rich heritage and vital environments, combined with a deep appreciation for artisanal materials, are at the creative heart of BLUEHILL Fragrances.

    METROGARDEN – Modern City Bouquet

    The inspiration was the country’s first public botanical garden, the majestic Boston Public Garden.  A floral rhapsody in the heart of the city, this garden of dreams lovingly tended and preserved through the centuries, is the bountiful and beautiful experience captured by Metrogarden. Framed by cast iron fences, sun-burnished brick pathways and lyrical fountains, an ever-changing canvas of aromatic explosion offers refuge from urban restlessness. Gilded bergamot leads to a bouquet of moody iris, vintage violet, red rose, and velvet narcissus, while precious woods, Peru balsam and crystalline musk provide a warm sensual finish.


    BEACH ROSE – Breezy Beachside Floral

    Dancing along America’s Eastern coast, the heady aroma of this imperious, wildly blooming member of the rose dynasty instantly transports us all to a warm, sunny day at the beach.  A sparkling, citrus-tinged floral cocktail of red rose and orange blossom is framed by tart tomato leaf, new mown hay, creamy sandalwood, smoky vetiver, golden honey, and crisp ocean breezes.   Enveloping us deliciously, the honeyed essence of these wildflowers nestled among the dunes wafts by, recalling summers by the shore and those cherished moments of tranquility found as the tide ebbs and flows.  Tomorrow becomes a world away; all that is important is the sensorial alert of the sun-warmed scent of Beach Rose as we willingly become one with surf and sky.

    BACK BAY – Early Morning Urban Reverie

    This is my favorite of the three scents. Influenced by early morning walks through Boston’s Back Bay, a beautifully serene time without the distraction of the city’s hustle and bustle. Gliding past elegant Victorian brownstones and burnished brick Edwardians, the perfume of private gardens mingles with a flourish of rose, iris, magnolia, hyacinth, geranium and muguet teased with the tantalizing green freshness of grass and leaves.  An opening burst of bright bergamot and a mixed floral tapestry set the stage for a luminous heart of sweet basil and the green intensity of galbanum. The nuance of ocean air hovers over ambergris and rare earth, grounding an addictive base of sandalwood, cedar, and crystallized amber. Sunlight releases and mingles the essence of flowers in full bloom with earth and city accords…enticing natural aromas capture past and present together in a modern scent expressing the unique personality of Back Bay.

    Photo by Adrian Pelletier

    Final thoughts

    A wonderfully unique blend that is perfect for the warm notes of Fall. The scents are very unique and you’re sure to find one that speaks to you.

    I receive samples of products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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