Rolling in Clover: St. Patrick’s Day Jokes & Trivia

  Just a little bit of blarney for you on this holiday St. Patrick’s Day Trivia 1)Which Irish islands give their names to a type of woolly jumper? Aran Isles. 2) Which city stands where the Belfast Lough and River Lagan meet? Belfast. 3) Which city’s name translates from Irish Gaelic into English as ‘dark pool’? Dublin.…Read more »

Happy Valentine’s Day: Because All You Need is Love

A Selection of Quotes and a Poem to Brighten Your Day “LOVE takes my insides and twists & turns them until they’re inside out, upside down, knotted in knots, and full of butterflies. And you know what…I LOVE IT!” ― Anthony T.Hincks “Love is the only emotion strong enough to sweep us off our feet, but…Read more »

Live, Love, Just Thrive!

Are you ready to rumble? I bet your stomach isn’t.  Just Thrive Probiotic & Antioxidant is the first and only 100% spore-based probiotic and a must for anyone interested in proven and effective natural medicines. Just Thrive Probiotic contains clinically-proven strains that are healing leaky gut within 30 days. A recently published human trial shows that Just Thrive significantly reversed…Read more »

Book Review: Knock ‘em Dead–The Ultimate Job Search Guide

Completely updated with new material, this bestselling job search guide can help you keep up with changes in the job market—from updating the language of your resume to using social media networking to make professional connections that are essential in finding new employment opportunities. For more than 30 years, Martin Yate’s Knock-em Dead series has…Read more »

The Best of K-Beauty Part III: Stop Acne and Wrinkles in its (Snail) Tracks…

  Time for a little Escar-glow! I have to admit, I felt like a modern day Nancy Drew and super curious when I heard that snails were an actual ingredient in some Korean beauty products, and I mean real snails.  Yep, snail slime has become the hottest K-Beauty “must have” as mollusk mucus is known…Read more »

The Best of K-Beauty Part II: Masks from Mediheal and Nature Republic

Koreans are known for their fabulous, blemish-free and glowing skin, which is achieved through a unique regimen. It’s a bit more extensive than what you’re probably used to (involving up to 10 steps or more), which can seem daunting at first. Part of the K-Beauty regimen is using face masks to bring out the best…Read more »