Six Amazing Face Masks You Can’t Pass Up

Peter Thomas Roth has the most wonderful face masks!


The Benefits of Dry Brushing and Why You Should be Doing it Daily

Everyone seems to be talking about dry brushing, so this article is here to help you see what the fuss is all about! Dry Skin brushing is really nothing new; People have been skin brushing for centuries.  However, thanks to companies like Yerba Prima who provide the dry brushes, it has become a popular ritual again.…Read more »

Great Bath & Body Products: Beauty Inside & Out

A Company With Good Intentions Smooth and silky, soft and sheer…this is how I would describe Mangiacotti’s finest products— their whipped body wash and whipped body lotion. I use the whipped body wash in the shower. It comes out like a mousse or similar to shaving cream and lathers up nicely. Their fragrance leaves a…Read more »

All Natural Pain Relief for Your Lips and Body

Lip Service It doesn’t seem to matter what season it is, when your lips are dry, they’re dry…and awfully uncomfortable. Thankfully, there is an affordable, natural solution. It’s REAL TIME’s Pain Relief’s New Homeopathic Lip Balm. It’s nice and creamy in a small jar or in a purse-size chapstick, but delivers big results in no time. I wear…Read more »