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    The Leader in CBD’s is now Appealing to Vegans With Their new Formula!

    The COVID-19 Pandemic is leaving many of us feeling extreme stress and anxiety.  What can be done? One good thing you can do for your mental and physical well-being during this time is to begin taking CBD’s to calm and relax your mind and body.

    With thousands of CBD companies already on the market, it was a bit overwhelming at first. However, thankfully I  discovered the quality and effectiveness I’ve been looking for in Cannovia  products!

    Cannovia  provides pure, quality CBD (cannabidiol) products for better wellness to positively impact both the mind and body of all people—and their pets. They do this by farming and harvesting their own crops to control the purity of our extracts; educating a mass market consumer base; building a range of appealing product offerings and brands; and growing a business that will sustain over time.

    Cannovia Products

    Cannovia Products

    Introducing CANNOVIA THC-Free Agave Beverage Powder made with Colorado-grown, third-party lab tested full spectrum CBD. Upgrade your morning or evening routine by adding a scoop of the unflavored powder into your coffee, tea, or favorite hot beverage.

    CANNOVIA THC-Free Agave Beverage Powder is:

    • Colorado-grown and third-party tested
    • Non-GMO, Vegan, and Gluten-Free
    • THC-Free and 100% Natural

    And introducing CANNOVIA Therapeutic Muscle Gel made with Colorado-grown, third-party lab tested full spectrum CBD. Layered with essential oils including menthol and camphor, this muscle gel provides an icy/hot numbing effect and calming peppermint aroma. My husband swears by this to alleviate his torn rotator cuff pain. It really works all night without the burn! Cannovia  has also increased the CBD concentration from 500mg to 750mg.

    Cannovia Therapeutic Muscle Gel

    Cannovia Therapeutic Muscle Gel works! Now at 750 MG with Argan Oil


    Cannovia Therapeutic Muscle Gel

    Cannovia Therapeutic Muscle Gel Looks like this

    Cannovia also provides CBD Muscle Cream

    Cannovia CBD Therapeutic Lotion

    Cannovia CBD Therapeutic Lotion, now at 750 mg with Argan Oil


    Cannovia CBD Lotion

    Cannovia CBD Lotion Works!

    THC-Free Peppermint Oil Drops make it easy to swallow


    Cannovia CBD's

    Cannovia CBD’s



    Full Spectrum Peppermint Oil Drops with THC

    Full-spectrum does contain THC so it’s ultra-relaxing while it hinders the pain you’re feeling in your body.  Plus, at 1,000MG it’s a very “high” strength. There are about 42 servings in a bottle and they recommend you only do a dropper a day to begin with. It is made with coconut oil.

    Photo By Get Budding

    The CANNOVIA Difference

    They carefully select their seeds, Perform rigorous testing of the soil, assess the hemp from their affiliated farms, and invest in independent lab assays of their oils and isolate.

    With Cannovia, you can be assured you’re getting the pure, consistent CBD you want.


    Choice strains, seeds and seedlings are carefully considered to ensure the best quality extracts are produced. Cannovia analyzes and determines the best cannabinoid profiles, yield efficiency and harvest schedules. They are proud to use only American-sourced seeds and farming supplies.


    Cannovia uses multiple labs to conduct third-party testing of hemp, extracts and all other ingredients. After production, third-party labs test their final product to ensure cannabinoid levels meet specifications and that no toxins or pathogens are present.


    They place freshly harvested hemp directly into sterile bulk sacks to minimize handling which reduces potential exposure to contaminants. They use rigorous, computerized Standard Operating Procedures to ensure best production practices.


    Hemp quality is improved with controlled harvest dates and working with ideal climatic conditions such as low humidity. Cannovia  is continually developing new best practices throughout all harvesting processes for better hemp and consumer products.


    At over 6400 ft., their high-altitude farming greatly reduces pest problems and eliminates the need for chemical pesticides. Additionally, the low humidity of the high altitude eradicates mold in their crops.


    Cannovia  performs extraction using non-toxic solvents. They utilize state-of-the-art CO2, steam and organic ethanol extraction processes. They take great care to produce excellent results without resorting to potentially harmful chemical fertilizers or pesticides.


    About Brian Baum, CANNOVIA CEO

    Brian works across all areas of Cannovia on corporate strategy and development. He leads the business of Cannovia, manages business relationships/partnerships and coordinates the team efforts to capitalize on the CBD opportunity.

    Brian brings a background in healthcare, most recently the founder/CEO of vitaTrackr. In prior work as the President of Stayhealthy, President of US Preventive Medicine, founder/CEO of the Health Record Network in collaboration with Duke University and Medical Center and Chief Marketing Officer of Ernst & Young’s Health practice, Brian has always enjoyed working with people to create value.

    About Howard Patterson Hezmall, MD

    Dr. Hezmall completed his urology residency at the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston and also served the National Health Service Corps as a Lt. Junior Assistant Surgeon. After three years, he felt it was time to start his own practice in Arlington, Texas. In partnership with Dr. John House, Dr. Hezmall founded Urology Associates of North Texas (UANT) which grew to be one of the largest urologic practices in the country.

    Additionally, Dr. Hezmall was a founding member of USMD Inc., a physician-led, integrated health system committed to exemplary patient care. He has always been interested in organized medicine and has served on various committees in the Tarrant County Medical Association (Texas) including past secretary/treasurer, Vice-President, President-elect and is a delegate to the Texas Medical Association. He has been active in the Texas Medical Association since his residency serving as a delegate, committee member and council member.

    With 27 years of experience in clinical practice and broad business and management, Dr. Hezmall offers a distinct skill set to Cannovia LLC.

    Photo by Esteban Lopez


    My husband and I are thrilled to have discovered Cannovia  and all of their wonderful CBD products. I know Im getting quality CBD’s when I order, and the customer service is fantastic!

    Thank you for reading this edition of The Badass Writer, where we only write about positive news in skin care, make up, books and lifestyle topics.

    The above is a sponsored post in partnership with Cannovia.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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