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    A rebel physician’s manifesto for reversing disease and increasing smiles!


    I received an advanced readers copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Receiving this ARC did not in any way sway my opinion or my review. 

    I enjoyed reading this refreshing, down-to-earth book. This feisty-funny, deeply caring book on your health and well-being presents a radical view of nutrition and medicine.  wtf* is wrong with our health? includes discussions of why “Abnormal is the New Normal,” “The Generation of Degeneration,” Why Jesus had a Six-Pack” and Dr. Roberto Tostado’s 80/20 way to a sensible diet.

    Sick and tired of being sick and tired? Overweight, diabetic or achy with low energy? Tired of being fatigued or depressed? Sick of taking multiple prescription drugs with no end in sight? Tostado urges you to “Stop f-ing around with your health and take control of your life.”

    There is another way to live—not just feel a little better or take fewer drugs, but to actually strut through life feeling your very best. Is there a catch? Yes. You’ have to take a radical look at what you eat, get rid of the junk and replace it with fresh whole foods…but it all starts in your head. Along the way you’ll learn to detoxify your attitude, too. You’ve got to really want to be healthy.

    wtf* is wrong with our health? features true-life stories of how Dr. Tostado’s prescription for health has reversed diabetes, weight problems, adrenal fatigue, insomnia and other common chronic ailments.  This book also presents a concise introduction to detoxification and understanding why highly processed foods are bad for our health, and how to make whole, fresh foods the cornerstone of a healthy way of life. Dr. Tostado truly believes eating the proper foods can reverse many of the medical problems you may have.

    “If you are tired of being sick and tired, then choose to be something else. Being is not endless analysis pondering the possibilities or ruminating. Being means taking action.”

    Nine ways to counteract daily stress:

    1. Cut out processed foods, the sooner the better
    2. Introduce fresh foods daily
    3. Walk during lunch hour, walk after dinner
    4. Eat fats like almonds, walnuts and avocados for energy instead of sugary snacks
    5. Drink water and herbal teas
    6. Limit coffee to only the mornings with green or black tea later in the day
    7. Disconnect and get away from the computer, smartphone or tablet as often as possible.
    8. Find a physical activity you look forward to
    9. Detox your body to cleanse your liver twice a year or more

    The rebellious Dr. Tostado envisions a new direction in medicine. One that integrates whole food nutrition and thinking less toxic thoughts while releasing ourselves from grudges and self-loathing. This is all about the new direction that he truly believes will help prevent most chronic diseases while smiling all the way!

    About the author

    Roberto Tostado, MD has been practicing medicine for more than 26 years. He was employed at Kaiser Permanente, and is board-certified in regenerative and antiaging medicine. Tostado received his degrees from Colombia University plus the University of Michigan Medical School. He founded the Ibody wellness Center in San Marino, California.

    Final thoughts

    wtf* is wrong with our health? is a book worth reading, as it unfolds much like a long persuasive essay. I appreciate the authors straight-forward style.

    It is a kick in the rear to get your medical affairs in order and start living the life you were meant to live–thriving on nutrition and staying away from what foods harm you. A rebel physician’s manifesto for reversing disease and increasing smiles will have you think twice before you place a donut in your mouth.

    Easy to read and understand, you can get through this book in a couple of hours.

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