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    Experience the Freedom of Radical Self-Acceptance with Transformative Healing Method

    This may be the last self-help book you will ever need. Why? Because There Is Nothing to Fix.

    The power to feel whole again, to experience self-acceptance and to find your way back to the person you were always meant to be has been inside you all along. There Is Nothing to Fix: Becoming Whole through Radical Self-Acceptance is the profoundly transformative, award-winning debut from Suzanne Jones, an expert in the field of trauma recovery.

     Photo by Le Minh Phuong

    Do you constantly wonder what you’re saying, doing or thinking that’s causing you to feel “less than”? Are you always looking for ways to fix something about yourself? You’re not alone—far from it, in fact—and the good news is that you have the power to find your way back to the person you know you are deep down. It’s been inside you all along.

    With her new bookThere Is Nothing to Fix: Becoming Whole through Radical Self-Acceptance, author Suzanne Jones has helped thousands of participants with her life-changing somatic healing program.  In her book she leads you on a journey back to your authentic self by guiding you through a personal exploration of recovery, growth and resilience. There Is Nothing to Fix is The Power of Now meets Brené Brown meets the #MeToo movement. Interspersed with case studies and stories of real people—stories you can connect with—the book illustrates the power of Jones’s approach to create innate healing and hope.

    Jones begins where most teachings on self-compassion, emotional regulation and healthy relationships end, by going to the source of lasting change—the body. This book provides a practical lens through which readers can understand their responses and emotions while offering step-by-step guidance for changing these responses, all with an emphasis on compassion and empowerment. Through this revolutionary approach you will be able to experience true freedom from the constant urge to fix yourself from the outside. Jones teaches you everyday tools to build self-confidence, self-compassion and most important, self-acceptance—tools that have been within you all along.

    In today’s struggle to feel connection and approval in our chaotic and critical world, There Is Nothing to Fix teaches us how to suspend judgment, become curious and find emotional freedom from within.



    About the Author

    Suzanne Jones is an expert in the field of trauma recovery through somatic methods. She has presented workshops and talks at Omega Institute, Kripalu, mental and behavioral health facilities in the greater Boston area, and national conferences. She has been profiled on CNN and in Yoga Journal, the New York TimesShape and Whole Living, and she’s been interviewed by author Rick Hanson for his Foundations of Well-Being online course. Jones founded the TIMBo Collective (formerly called yogaHOPE) in 2006 and developed the TIMBo program for transforming trauma in 2009. Since its launch, her program has been delivered to over 4,000 women in the U.S., Haiti, Kenya and Iran, and helped transform client care at organizations in Massachusetts; Washington, DC; and Georgia, serving women overcoming homelessness, addiction and domestic violence. Jones also writes a blog for the TIMBo Collective and Elephant Journal.

    There Is Nothing to Fix is her first book and has won a silver medal from the Nonfiction Author’s Association book awards, a bronze medal from the Wishing Shelf Book Awards, was a finalist in the International Book Awards and has been nominated for a 2020 Readers’ Choice award.


    Final thoughts

    I found this book to be a refreshing guide at dealing with and resolving deep-rooted trauma.

    Also, as women, we often expect too much out of ourselves and think something is terribly wrong with us if we don’t try to live and uphold the perfect lifestyle tailored to society and its values.

    For more information please visit, or connect with the author on Instagram: @thereisnothingtofix; or on Facebook: There is Nothing to Fix.

    There Is Nothing to Fix: Becoming Whole through Radical Self-Acceptance

    Publisher: LAKE Publications

    ISBN-10: 1734083506

    ISBN-13: 978-1734083507

    Available from and

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