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    A Secret. A memory. A Scent. A Death…An Atmospheric Parisian Mystery from Gardening Expert Showcases the Deadly Potential of Plants.

    I receive samples of products and ARC of books in exchange for an honest review. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

    While sunny gardens full of magnolia and chrysanthemums may not immediately conjure images of darkness and mystery, plants do have the very real potential to be dangerous!  In fact, they have a long history of being entwined in shadow and magic. Think of the poisoned apples or cursed rose petals that bring forth the demise of characters in our favorite fairy tales. A certified horticulturist, plant expert, and now author, Karen Hugg drew on her own considerable expertise-and this long-standing tradition-to tell a twisty tale, an unputdownable Paris-set mystery with the first book in her Botanique Noir trilogy, The Forgetting Flower. 

    THE FORGETTING FLOWER is written by certified horticulturist, plant expert, and now author, Karen Hugg. Hugg drew on her own considerable expertise to tell a twisty, unputdownable Paris-set mystery with the first book in her Botanique Noire trilogy.


    Photo by Eddie Howell

    The Forgetting Flower begins with an introduction to Renia Baranczka, a woman living the life she always hoped for in the city of lights.

    Managing a chic plant shop, Renia ensures her rarest plant is always locked away, and unavailable to inquiring customers. Unlike the other more standard flora in her inventory, this particular plant’s flowers emit a special fragrance that can erase a person’s memory. Yet she can’t just destroy it as she promised her estranged sister she’d keep it in her care. That is until one day, when Renia’s favorite client turns up dead, she realizes the plant may be more dangerous than she thought and without her client’s business, the shop can no longer stay afloat.

    When a shady character from her past appears with a nefarious proposal, Renia does what she’d pledged she’d never do: sell the flowers for cash. As Renia navigates the underworld of black market mobsters, she must fend off unwanted advances, physical abuse, and intimidating threats until finally, she faces a fight not only to save the plant, but her sister, and ultimately, herself.

    Photo by Emma Gasett

    Fans of smart, women-centered thrillers, like those of Tana French and Sue Grafton, will gravitate towards The Forgetting Flower and be thrilled they got their hands on the first installment of this beautiful yet deadly series.

    Photo by Ruth Gledhill

    Final thoughts

    An easy to read page-turner that holds your interest throughout this book. It is clever how the author writes about something so unusual and not your mainstream mystery. Makes a great gift for the book lover in your life. Maybe even yourself!

    Photo by Tim Mossholder

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