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    A Disney Illustrator Pens the Perfect Read for the Holiday Season 



    Introducing the exciting new story, The Enchanted Sonata, a fresh, whimsical retelling of The Nutcracker Ballet with a dash of The Pied Piper, set to captivate readers of all ages, even though this book is geared towards young adults. The Enchanted Sonata was written by Heather Dixon Wallwork, who has worked as a storyboard lead for Disney and is the author of two novels published by HarperCollins.

    In The Enchanted Sonata, 15-year-old Clara Stahlbaum has her future perfectly planned: marry the handsome pianist, Johann Kahler (ah!), and settle down to a life full of music. But sometimes things don’t work out as planned. All that changes when Clara receives a mysterious and magical nutcracker. Whisked away to his world—an enchanted empire of beautiful palaces, fickle fairies, enormous rats, and a prince—Clara must face a magician who uses music as magic…and the future she thought she wanted.




    “I have always wanted to re-tell The Nutcracker but with music as the magical force,” Dixon Wallwork says. “Combining this timeless tale with my passion for music is a dream come true, and I hope readers will be able to experience The Nutcracker with fresh eyes and a renewed passion for magic that music brings to all of our lives.”




    A Quick Peek Between the Pages…


    Prince Nikolai sharply awoke.

    Something was terribly wrong. He could feel it. He pulled himself from his vast bed and to the window that stretched from ceiling to floor and peered out among the marble statues. Mist hung, among them, pale in the pre-dawn light,

    He’s had this feeling before. On the battlefield, just before the rate s appaeared from their forest nests and attacked. He’s been in the army almost two years, as every Imperian boy became a soldier at 16, and the prince was not above the law From his service, he was familiar with this feeling. It meant the stench of rat breath, rat blood staining the snow, rate bites, the thick smell of canon sulfur and gunpowder, and the cry of wounded men and rats strewn across the ground. Has the rats somehow gotten past the soldiers, the wall and into the city?

    The Prince peered out his window. No rats emerged from the mist. The gardens were silent.

    But something wasn’t right…

    This is such a fun read! The pages quickly turn, and I found myself immersed in the adventure of The Enchanted Sonata. I highly recommend it for those of us who appreciate The Nutcracker story, but this time, with a twist!

    About the Author

    Dixon Wallwork is a musician, animator and author. Working under Disney Interactive, she has illustrated for many popular franchises including Lucasfilm, Marvel and Pixar, and was the story lead for the Moana playset. She is the author of two novels published by Greenwillow Books – HarperCollins: Entwined and Illusionarium.

    For more information visit Dixon Wallwork at Say hello and see more of her gorgeous illustrations on InstagramFacebook and Twitter.

    This Christmas, make it an Enchanted one. Order The Enchanted Sonata at Amazon  $12.95

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