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    Feeling crafty? The Craft Kingdom: DIY Craft Projects for Kids and Adults by Eli Maor, is your one-stop-shop for all things DIY. And what a fabulous book it is! It contains more than 90 crafts and projects, organized by subjects like: paints, nature-inspired, stamps, washi tape, soap making, candle making, recycling art, repurposing, beauty accessories, fabric and textile projects, buttons, paper and even paper napkins.

    This book has been a real labor of love for Maor, and for those of us to like to keep our hands busy, this is a wonderful way to get inspired and to learn new crafts that we can share with our friends and family.


    Each project contains a supply list and a detailed, colorful, picture-filled tutorial. At the end of the book there is a section for stencils to trace shapes needed for the projects, leaving no stone unturned as you dive into creating.

    “Crafting and making art is very individual,” comments Maor. “These moments are completely yours. Even if you don’t have access to all of the materials, you can be creative and experiment. If you prefer to use one type of material over the other, or if you prefer glue over sewing, do so. The main purpose is to enjoy it and create your vision at every moment. There is no need for any special skills for the projects in this book.”


    One of the sweetest things I’ve seen inside this book are the crafts for dogs. You can create a pet’s scarf, necklace and brooch for your beloved pooch. I just know my Westie, Sugar, is going to love this! There’s also a great section on candle making and another on soap making that I like a lot, too. One of the crafts I’m going to do next is how to create a clutch purse out of a placemat. It’s pretty cute!


    Not only are the crafts adult and kid friendly, but most of them don’t even require a trip to the store. Isn’t that convenient? You can use what you have. The author and artist is a self-proclaimed “crafting minimalist.” She specializes in using what is all around us to create beautiful, fun projects. With a passion for recycling, upcycling, and just using what you have on hand, Maor creates gorgeous and fun projects from common household objects like toilet paper rolls, fabric scraps, even sticks and twigs from the back yard.

    For easy and affordable craft ideas, get inspired and check out The Craft Kingdom: DIY Craft Projects for Kids and Adults. 

    Which crafts do you like creating? Leave your comments below and please share this book review on social media.

    Thank you for hanging out with me. Coming up next on The Badass Writer: Tips on how to repair summer hair damage, the latest in celebrity-inspired skincare from Robin McGraw and a peek inside the novel, Frozen Butterflies. Stay Tuned! 



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