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    Gladiator for Women Unveils How to Capitalize on Unique Feminine Superpowers to Lead in a Man’s World

    It’s no secret that the modern workplace is “rigged” against women, but FINALLY a gladiator for women is rising up to teach women the confidence to unleash their power by using their unique feminine assets to kick ass—and to survive and thrive in the workplace.

    A leader of men, author Linda Smith, Esq is one of the top five female litigators in the United States. For 40 years, she’s been striking fear into the hearts of her opposing counsel and now, with the release of her new book, she is on a crusade to help women succeed and lead in business despite the societal norms of male dominance.

    In Smashing Glass & Kicking Ass, Smith believes the health of our bodies, minds and careers is at stake if:

    • Men call the shots at your company
    • Men routinely underestimate you, and therefore you underestimate yourself
    • Your male colleagues interrupt you in meetings
    • You lack the self-confidence to take risks and seize opportunities
    • Your male colleagues are expected to take the lead when your boss hands out assignments
    • You are being sexually harassed at work and if men are making sexist comments in your office or engaging in male-bonding rituals“It’s time—past time—for women to change the gender rules by using our unique powers as women,” says Smith.“I embraced my advantages as a woman; not by ‘leaning in’ and ‘outmanning the man,’ but by capitalizing on the very things that make women different.”photo-1531988042231-d39a9cc12a9aIn her new book, Smashing Glass & Kicking Ass, Smith addresses the struggles above and provides the techniques to solve them.  Right now, women worldwide are challenging societal norms—they’re marching, protesting, and leading the charge in the #MeToo movement. But according to the latest Gender Gap Report, despite more women joining the workforce, they’re still paid less and female bosses are still in the minority. Linda is working to solve this problem, with your help!“Every woman is entitled to set her own path for her career, just like men do. It’s not a privilege, you deserve it, says Smith. “I am not going to advise you to accept that women can’t have it all. Instead, I’ll share with you what I’ve learned about how to succeed—and prove to you that having a pair of ovaries far surpasses “growing a pair.”In Smashing Glass & Kicking Ass, smith provides women with a full understanding of their superior emotional intelligence—to realize and embrace that we have skills that make us more qualified than men. She tackles an “eyes wide open” discussion of the need to slay two ferocious dragons guarding the doors barring women from equality—the external dragon of male domination and the internal dragon of self-sabotage. She then gives women an arsenal of dragon slayers and explains how to use them to defeat the two dragons.The book offers powerful advice on how women can develop self-confidence and grit, use their femininity to best advantage, handle difficult men, shut down sexual harassment, stop “manterruptions,” fight off the Queen Bee syndrome, find mentors and sponsors, infiltrate the old boys’ network, speak truth to power, establish dominance and lead with gusto.

      “We have the talent, the smarts and the superpower abilities to succeed. It’s time to transform the gender rules by using our superior leadership skills to advance our careers and shine as the leaders we’re meant to be,” says Smith.

      This is a must-have handbook for all women in the workforce. I certainly wish I had this book when I was in broadcasting and faced with all sorts of sexual harassment and employment discrimination! Smith really teaches you the ropes on how to handle yourself in today’s workplace. If you’re a working career woman, reading this book should be first on your list. 51xS8L-ktoL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg

      About the Author:

      Linda Smith, Esq., knowns what she’s talking about, having matched wits with Michael Dell and Viacom chairman Summer Redstone, led a team of 200+ lawyers to beat Intel in a multibillion-dollar antitrust case all over the world, successfully defended Exxon in another giant case, defeated a class of one million customers of the corrupt Bank of Credit and Commerce and walked the red carpet and the Golden Globes with George Clooney and Viola Davis. She has also given back by handling pro bono cases all the way up to the Supreme Court, most recently when she represented immigrant mothers of U.S. citizen children facing deportation.

      Her new book, Smashing Glass & Kicking Ass: Lessons from the Meanest Woman Alive,is available at Amazon and other online booksellers.

      To learn more, visit

      I receive advance review copies (ARC) of books in exchange for an honest review. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

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