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    An Unforgettable Story of Every Mother’s Worst Nightmare

    I received an advanced readers copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Receiving this ARC did not in any way sway my opinion or my review

    With the summer holidays fast approaching, the race is on for this 2019’s biggest books, and so I wanted to reach out to let you know about LITTLE LOVELY THINGS— the brand new novel from Maureen Joyce Connolly that came out this month. It’s currently receiving big industry buzz, and is set to be one of this spring’s hottest fiction releases!

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    An unremarkable morning commute mutates into an unthinkable tragedy for one family, when Claire Rawlings makes an ordinary decision that results in disaster for her and everyone she loves.

    A wife, mother, and soon-to-be-doctor in her final year of residency at University of Chicago hospital, in a race to drop her beloved daughters off at daycare and make it in time for rounds, Claire ignores the troubling signs of an allergic reaction. Finding herself speeding down the highway, on the brink of losing consciousness, she’s forced to pull over.

    Moments later, she wakes up on the floor of a gas station bathroom.

    Her car – and her girls – have vanished.

    A deftly crafted page turner that is as heart-wrenching as it is bursting with life and love, the story of LITTLE LOVELY THINGS unfolds in four distinct voices: devastated yet strong-willed Claire; Moira, the Irish Traveler turned transient abductor who is thrust into instant motherhood; soulful Jay, a recovering alcoholic whose grisly discovery brings him to the center of the tragedy; and finally Andrea, the scrappy take-no-prisoners, wildly talented tomboy who knows only enough to know she doesn’t know the truth of her past.

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    “A riveting novel bolstered by its flawed, believable characters” (Publishers Weekly), in LITTLE LOVELY THINGS — which centers on a young mother’s chance decision that leads to a twist of fate that is every parent’s worst nightmare — “Connolly’s poetic sensibility shines through the prose in scenes that shimmer with emotion” (Booklist).

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    Final thoughts

    With an action-packed plot, a deep well compassion for its characters, and thematic chords concerning the wisdom and power of nature, strength of the human spirit, and the connectedness of us all, LITTLE LOVELY THINGS marks the arrival of a powerful new voice in the current contemporary fiction landscape in Maureen Joyce Connolly. It’s a real page-turner. This is a novel that is not for the weak-at-heart. It is filled with tragedy, but also with tremendous beauty. It’s as hopeful as it is devastating. I did not care for the ending, though. The plot was great, but I felt like the ending was too abrupt. I wanted more emotion, even more drama and a very dramatic closure. It didn’t do it for me. Maybe I expected too much. In spite of that, however, this novel is worth reading and is well written overall.

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