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    From High School Seniors to those in  Mid-Life Crisis to Retirees: The Framework to Define Personal Success and Identify What Needs to Change to Make it Happen

    I received an advanced readers copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Receiving this ARC did not in any way sway my opinion or review. 


    What if success doesn’t equal happiness?

    Many of us spend our lives pursuing a singular idea of success, one that was created for us by someone else. We give votes to those who shouldn’t even have voices and strive to go faster and faster even as we find ourselves falling further and further behind. We chase gold stars, we check all the boxes, we lean in-and yet we still feel incomplete. When we don’t define success in our own terms, finding our purpose and carving our own path becomes impossible. So how do you break the cycle so that you can be better at work and life?

    The invigorating new book, LIMITLESS: HOW TO IGNORE EVERYBODY, CARVE YOUR OWN PATH, AND LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE, By Laura Gassner Otting. It helps readers discover their consonance—how they align what they do with who they are—to achieve their limitless potential. Through personal anecdotes and stories from non-profit, corporate and government leaders—all of whom were in the midst of a massive career change—she has interviewed over the past 20 years, Gassner Otting helps readers discover their greatness and encourages them to forge ahead and become the best versions of themselves.

    “The first step in becoming limitless is understanding what gives you consonance,” says Gassner Otting. “That comes from understanding how much importance you place on, and from where you derive, the four elements of consonance:

    1. Calling: a gravitational pull towards a goal larger than yourself—A business you want to build, a leader who inspires you, a society ill you wish to remedy, a cause you wish to serve.
    2. Connection: sight lines into how your everyday work serves that calling by solving the problem at hand, growing the company’s bottom line, or reaching that goal.
    3. Contribution:  this means that you understand how this job, this brand, this paycheck contributes to the community in which you want to belong, the person you want to be, or the lifestyle youd like to live.
    4. Control:  reflects how you are able to influence your connection to that calling in order to have some say in the assignments of projects, deadlines, colleagues, and clients; offer input into shared goals; and do work that contributes to your career trajectory and earnings.

    Once you know all that, you will be able to decide whether you need to change your career, workplace, or yourself to truly achieve your own success on a one-of-a-kind path. Consonance is easy to recognize, but it takes intention to achieve.”

    In striking contrast to other self-help books, Limitless debunks the traditional and externally definedversions of success, helping readers understand why we’ve gotten it wrong for so long

    This book gives a framework for everyone, at every age and life stage—from high school seniors and entrepreneurs to new mothers going back to work and retirees—to understand what success means for them and what to change to have it that way that works for themselves.

    When you read Limitless, you will learn to ignore the rules that create limits, align your energies and actions, and do what really matters so you can live your best life. The author brings both tough love and wisdom and offers a no-holds-barred look at what it really takes to get out of your own way and earn success today.

    This book gives you the key to get “unstuck” and achieving extraordinary results. Consider this book a high energy masterclass and brainstorming session all in one, complete with actionable tips to transform your vision for your career and do work with purpose.

    “We are so limited by checking off the boxes of other people’s versions of success that we forget to determine our own,” adds Gassner Otting. “ And in these limits, we lose ourselves. You can’t be insatiably hungry, deeply inspired, or happily fulfilled by someone else’s goals. In order for your working life to feel rightfor you, it has to actually beright for you. Unless you define your personal version of success, you can’t live limitlessly and achieve your true goals.” 

    About the Author

    Laura Gassner Otting helps people get “unstuck” and achieve extraordinary results. In addition to

    Limitless: How to Ignore Everybody, Carve Your Own Path, and Live Your Best Life, she is also the author of Mission-Driven: Moving from Profit to Purpose. She believes in giving back, so Gassner Otting helped build a Montessori School in Boston, co-founded a women’s philanthropic initiative, advised a start-up nationals women’s PAC, grew a citizen-leadership development program, and completed three charity-inspired marathons. She’s turned on by the audacity of “The Big Idea” and that larger-than-life goal you just can’t seem to shake. She’s an instigator, a motivator, and a provocateur, and she’s never met a resolution she didn’t like!

    Final Thoughts

    This book is only 141 pages long don’t be fooled—it’s chock full of information and advice. It gently gives you a shove to get your life going without restraints. It’s actually often been described as “a kick in the ass surrounded by a warm hug.”  If you have ever dreamed about discovering and crushing that personal goal that is so big and so scary, this book is the permission you didn’t even know you needed to live into it as only you can!  I do recommend this book, available through Barnes ^& Noble and wherever else books are sold.

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