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    Haunting, lyrical, arousing…a cocktail of passion, sex, lies and self-discovery, this book pulled me in and I could not let go…  

    Introducing Simona Grossi’s new novel, Frozen Butterflies— it’s a story within a story…

    Suffering from insomnia, Susan fights daily to get up in the morning and perform her day job as a psychology professor in Los Angeles. Despite all of the talks with a psychologist, the failed pills, the mental illness labels, and more unsuccessful attempts to better herself, nothing is working to rid her of the emptiness that lives inside of her.

    But one night, a mysterious person interrupts the mundane blur that has become Susan’s daily life. She meets a man named Nick—an internet blogger—at a nearby nightclub, who appears to be completely “consumed by something, someone, or himself.” The next day, Nick takes Susan to his apartment, where she browses through his books looking for stories for his next post. When she stumbles upon a “consumed notebook with a light blue cover,” it sparks her interest just as much as Nick had the night before.

    “My relationship with the present, is complicated. I’m fond of the past. It looks more real to me. It makes me feel safe. It talks to me about myself more than the present does. Interesting, isn’t it?”

    It turns out Nick found the lost journal on a bus with no knowledge of who its owner is other than his name: Andrew. It’s clear that the owner was a sort of graphic novelist with a passion for drawing his stories to bring them to life. Seeing the potential that the journal has, Susan convinces Nick to publish a few pages on his blog in hopes that the Internet will draw media attention towards finding the mysterious “Andrew.”


    Frozen Butterflies’ adventurous, suspenseful journey connects human relationships with the mystery of search and discovery. As a love affair blooms, Susan must work quickly to figure out what is it from life that she both wants and needs. While remaining true to herself, she has to balance the darkness in her life with those that bring light.

    As if under a spell, this is the kind of book you can’t put down! I was mesmerized from the very beginning and it held me captive beyond its final words.

    Frozen Butterflies is now available on Amazon in paperback and Kindle. (

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