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    From the extremely dangerous to the outrageously illegal!


    Woman throwing books

    Woman throwing books all around her

    Forbidden Knowledge contains more than 100 hilarious and ridiculous things that you should never ever do in real life.

    Welcome to Forbidden Knowledge, your crash course in the extreme!  Your education in intensity. At the very least, it’s a solid escape plan just in case you fail.

    We all know that we should never fight a tiger or become a mafia boss, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t funny and fascinating to learn about. Forbidden Knowledge offers a collection of the most ludicrous things that you should never attempt in real life—but it’s sure to make you laugh nonetheless.You’ll learn everythijng from how to take over a cult to swimming with pirhanhas or how to build an atomic bomb or escape form prison.


    Girl reading at the creek

    Reading creekside

    Also inside:

    Pass a polygraph test without a hitch

    Finds treasure in a Mayan Ruin

    Survive a run-in with a Yeti

    Bribe the guards at the pyramids of Giza

    Make a tourniquet

    And much more…

    Open book with a leaf and cup of tea

    Reading with a cup of tea this season

    Forbidden Knowledge invites you to embrace the absurd with pranks that are sure to make you laugh. With over 100 extremly bad ideas that you should never do, this entertaining and light—hearted book makes each hilarious scenario so much fun to imagine!

    Forbidden Knowledge

    Front Cover Forbidden Knowledge


    About the Author 

    Owen Brooks enjoys learning about and writing about, an array of topics and subject matter. He’s always up for a new adventure, and loves using his accumulated koledge and experiences in his worl whenever he can.

    Final thoughts

    Forbiiden Knowledge is a riot, perfect for those who appreciate a sense af humor, and it’s a little crazy. This easy to read and nicely packaged book is sure to be a cool gift for the holidays. Get yours now! Available wherever books are sold.

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