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    Prolific Author Shares Expert Tips to Help Budding Writers Take Their Ideas and Turn Them Into A Published Work

    Photo by Yassine Laaroussi

    So you’ve been thinking about writing a book. Understood. But the mere thought of it is overwhelming, isn’t it?

    Everyone has to start somewhere and Ann Marie Sabath understands that while many people have an idea for a great story, oftentimes they have no clue where to begin. She simplifies the process in her new book, Everybody Has A Book Inside Of Them: How To Bring It Out, with expert advice to help budding authors overcome the common stumbling blocks and gain the confidence and motivation to finally get their books written!

    So what skills have highly productive authors mastered that enable them to put words on paper so efficiently? In her new bookSabath and her army of 15 colleagues share valuable insights, easy-to-follow guidelines and simple advice that can be put into practice immediately to help budding writers tap into the ideas inside them and translate those concepts into published works.

    Photo Courtesy of Fabiola Penalba

    Between the covers of Everybody Has A Book Inside Of Them, Sabath expertly tackles 49 topics that cover every aspect of the writing process, including:

    • How long does it take to write a book?
    • Why knowing your reader is a must before you begin
    • Why to stop writing while you are ahead
    • What seasoned authors would tell their younger selves
    • How bestselling authors structure their books

    Infused with honesty, Sabath’s sense of humor and words of encouragement, Everybody Has A Book Inside Of Them will help readers get their writing engines revved, overcome common excuses and obstacles, and make the process of authoring a book easier than expected.

    Photo Courtesy of Priscilla Du Perez


    Laura Davis, budding author: “Ann Marie Sabath’s book inspired me to transform myself from someone who has always dreamed of writing a book ‘someday’ to actively engaging in the process of unleashing the book inside of me. A truly thrilling journey!”

    Jordan Rich, co-founder, Chart Productions, host of “On Mic with JR” podcast, WBZ Boston Radio personality: “Anyone with a story to tell will benefit from Everyone Has A Book Inside Of Them. And that’s just about any of us. Ann Marie provides answers to questions for both the novice wordsmith to the accomplished novelist-to-be. Her experience as a successful writer is invaluable in helping others understand the true ‘ins and outs’ of the writing world.”

    Elaine Chambers, budding author: “When you read Everybody Has A Book Inside Of Them, you will feel like you are attending a Writers’ Conference for budding authors. I was so motivated by the sagely advice that I actually began writing my book!”


    Final Thoughts

    This is an easy to get into book and a real kick in the butt. The author does not forgive you for putting off your writing. She truly urges you and coaches you along to make your dream of writing a book become a reality. A great book to read during lunch hours or whenever you can use some inspiration.

    About the Author

    Ann Marie Sabath is the founder of At Ease Inc., a 32-year-old business consulting firm. In addition to Everybody Has A Book Inside Of Them, she has written nine other books that have been translated into eight languages. Her last book, What Self-Made Millionaires Do That Most People Don’t became the Spring 2018 Top Selling Business Book for Career Press. Sabath’s books have been recognized by USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Entrepreneur, Inc., Condé Naste Traveler, CNN, CNBC, 20/20 and Oprah.

    For more information, please visit, or follow her on Facebook (Ann Marie Sabath), Twitter (@AnnMarieSabath) or Instagram (ann_marie_sabath).

    Everybody Has A Book Inside Of Them: How To Bring It Out 

    Publisher: Career Press

    Released: June 2019

    ISBN-10: 1632651696

    ISBN-13: 978-1632651693

    Available from and

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