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    Delicious Kosher Comfort Cuisine Accessible for Home Cooks 


    A delicious, lovingly prepared meal can comfort the body and the soul. Imagine a savory wild mushroom pie with a flaky crust. Or a lemon coconut custard cherry pie! 2020 Readers’ Favorite award-winning Deep Flavors:A Celebration of Recipes for Foodies in a Kosher Style, from Kenneth M. Horwitz, is brimming with warm family favorites reimagined in a Jewish tradition. It is an eclectic collection of stories, tips and recipes sure to entice novices and experienced cooks alike.

    “Cooking is worth some effort and attention to detail,” Horwitz writes. “The positive reactions from family or guests, as well as your own enjoyment, will make it worthwhile.”

    “Effort” and “attention to detail,” however, don’t have to equate with “difficult.” In fact, throughout Deep FlavorsHorwitz shares his wisdom for sourcing ingredients and breaking recipes into simple steps — and how to do some of this prep work well in advance so that delicious meals can be served in spite of hectic schedules.

    Between the covers of Deep Flavors, Horwitz offers an eclectic menu that includes traditional Jewish dishes plus other regional and international favorites reinterpreted to observe some or all of the rules for kosher foods. The result is a diverse anthology of recipes that will appeal to broad audiences everywhere — Jewish and otherwise.



    Horwitz, a CPA by trade, explained in an interview with Today’s CPA that, “My approach to cooking is really an extension of what I do in my professional practice. I solve problems. One of the ‘problems,’ at least in my house, is that since we maintain a kosher house, but eat eclectically, is how to convert recipes so that they are kosher …”

    Horwitz’s Texas State Fair Blue Ribbon-winning Spinach/Mushroom Lasagna, for instance, is a completely original vegetarian lasagna accessible to Jews and vegetarians, with a unique twist on ingredients that gives it a complex flavor profile. Even recipes for classic foods such as brisket and roast turkey contain newly imagined taste combinations and techniques to elevate them while maintaining recognizable hallmarks of each dish. Another recipe that epitomizes the standard set by Horwitz, yet remarkably simple to execute, is the Dill French Toast: savory, unique, and delicious.

    Horwitz’s ultimate goal was to create recipes that are easy to read and easily followed by any-one with a basic knowledge of cooking. He provides detailed instructions with enhanced explanations and alternatives, additive for both the novice and the more experienced cook.

    A Readers’ Favorite reviewer, who gave Deep Flavors a 5-star rating, referred to the book as “… an essential addition to any cookbook fanatic’s collection and to anyone who believes in spending the time and effort to make the ‘food’ experience a real work of art …”

    About the author

    With 51 years in a general tax and transaction practice as a CPA and lawyer, Ken Horwitz developed a creative and focused approach to finding and fixing problems — a skill that translates well to the development of and modification of recipes based on traditional family favorites but tailored to one’s personal tastes and dietary needs.

    His professional drive and the care given to his work have earned him multiple awards, including the Honorary Fellow for a lifetime of distinguished service and the 2017 Chairperson of the Year by the Texas Society of CPAs. Currently residing in Dallas, Texas, Horwitz enjoys sharing his passion for cooking with his wife and his children’s families. Horwitz believes that one of the highest compliments he has received came from a longstanding client who uses numerous lawyers. He said, “Ken, you are the only lawyer we use whose work we have not had to fix.” Horwitz’s goal is for Deep Flavors to reach that same standard.

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    Final thoughts

    You don’t have to be Jewish to benefit from the abundance of tasty recipes in Deep Flavors. This is a beautiful cookbook and its recipes are tantalizing. Like the wild mushroom pie with a flaky crust, Deep Flavors from Kenneth M. Horwitz is warm, inviting and meant to be shared with family and friends. Written for Jewish as well as non-Jewish foodies and vegetarians, Deep Flavors is much more than a cookbook: Horwitz demystifies the process of preparing traditional and nontraditional dishes in a kosher manner to prove that truly flavorful, memorable meals don’t have to be complicated.  This is a great cookbook to add to your collection, plus it makes a great gift for the foodie on your list.

    Deep Flavors
    Publisher: Inspire on Purpose
    ISBN-13: 978-1-941782-51-4
    ISBN-10: 1-941782-51-5
    Available from



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