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    The Secret to a Happier & More Profitable Life

    In this book, you will learn what 90% of the public has no clue about. Give yourself the advantage! This easy-to-read fun guide will give you the facts that will make you more money and make your personal life more enjoyable! Conquer Change and Win will make a positive difference in your life.

    No matter how hard we try, we cannot avoid change. If we cannot escape going through change, then we must learn all we can about this certainty of life. Few people on earth have a good working knowledge of change and how it affects them.

    You will enjoy learning how the serious subject of change, both positive and negative change, affects your personal and your business life every day. This knowledge will give you a leg up in all your relationships. You will learn how to control the feelings change confronts you with and turn that knowledge to your advantage quickly.


    Conquer Change and Win discusses how change works.  It is not difficult once you understand the ins and outs of positive and negative change. You will find that both cause the same feelings.

    In his 40-plus years as a consultant, coach, marketing expert, business consultant and public relations strategist, Masengill has observed that successful people share two characteristics:

    1. They are willing to take a calculated risk and endorse positive change on a regular basis.
    2. They have learned how change affects their emotions and how to overcome the fear of change.

    “I believe the happiest and most successful people do not necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the best of everything they have,” says Masengill. He urges readers to choose change. “It is the path to true happiness and business success. Understanding how change works can alter your life for the better and give you a solid advantage.”

    In addition to a complete understanding of change, inside this book you will also learn:

    • 100 + ways for you to have more happiness and wealth
    • 30 ways to beat fear
    • 14 smart ways to handle risk
    • 10 ways to make better decisions
    • 9 communication mistakes to avoid
    • 31 steps to great communication
    • 17 ways to handle difficult people
    • 31 ways to win any negotiation
    • 19 ways to be a more consistent winner
    • 28 ways to successfully implement any plan, and so much more…


    About the Author:

    Ralph Masengill Jr. is a best-selling author and award-winning advisor, coach, marketing expert, business consultant and public relations strategist. He and his wife Diane live near the Great Smokey Mountains in East Tennessee. For more details visit

    Conquer Change and Win is available at Amazon, on Kindle and bookstores everywhere.

    I receive advance review copies (ARC) of books. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

    Thank you for spending time with me today. Coming up on The Badass Writer: A special November travel series on Oahu, Hawaii as we go on location to Paradise to bring you the latest in luxury travel.  Stay tuned!





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