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    Your world just got stranger!

    Enjoy some armchair travel as we explore our amazing planet with a collection of the world’s creepiest, strangest and sometimes hilarious traditions.

    I received an advanced readers copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Receiving this ARC did not in any way sway my opinion or my review. 


    This interesting book is a collection of the fascinating and sometimes odd customs found around the world! In Bizarre World, author E. Reid Ross takes readers on a journey to understand how different cultures approach happiness, parenting, death, grief and more.

    Bizarre World is just packed with unusual and funny traditions and the stories behind them, like how “wife-carrying” – a Finnish race that recently went viral– originated, or why Italians in the town of Ivrea throw oranges at each other once a year, or how camel wrestling became a popular sport in Turkey.

    Let me ask you this: What’s more confusing Ethiopia’s thirteenth month, or their cow-jumping ritual? Or would you rather use a spiky leaf lance at the Fight-Club-esque Usaba SambathFestival in Bali, or sharpen your teeth with chisels to attract a partner in Indonesia?

    Photo Courtesy of Luke Stackpoole

    Atlas Obscura meets 1001 Facts to Scare the Sh*t Out of You in this serious survey pf the most bizarre, creepy, and sometimes hilarious customs from cultures around the world!

    Every culture handles life differently.  There’s a custom called, “the blackening of the bride” in Scotland and the custom of not looking at babies in the eyes in Kenya. Also, read about how they enlist geese as part of the Chinese police squad, and the tradition of children eating bread with chocolate sprinkles in Amsterdam— there are so many unique behaviors all across the world!

    In Bizarre World, journey across the globe to understand how various cultures approach everything from grief, beauty standards, food, parenting, death, stress management, happiness (yay!) and a lot more. Many customs may seem perfectly sane, while others, not so much. Some are just downright strange, funny or weird.



    About the Author

    Reid Ross resides in Maryland and is a columnist/editor at Cracked.He’s no scientist that’s for sure but he is perfect for this role as author of this book when you consider his background in law enforcement and military intelligence.


    Final thoughts

    Reading Bizarre World, you will be amazed at how quirky our planet can be, and maybe even inspired to book a trip and check out some of these wonders! There’s so much for us to discover about the people around us and the beliefs they hold. Let Bizarre World be your armchair guide to a different way of life with quick facts and “did you knows?” that will leave you saying “Huh? That’s strange.”


    Thanks so much for reading this edition of The Badass Writer! Is this a book you’d be interested in? What topics would you like to see me cover? Leave us your comments and suggestions, and you’ll be entered to win cool prizes like make up and skincare, books and more from Sugar the Westie and The Badass Writer Fun & Games Department!

    Coming up, we’ll try some wonderful Nubian Heritage bath and body skin care, also a book review on a cookbook catering to the Mediterranean diet, plus we’ll take a peek inside the Stanford Inn in Mendocino, California, one of the most beautiful places in the world!

    See you soon!




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