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    The following is a sponsored post in partnership with RevAir. All opinions are 100% my own.


    I got a little excited when I read the above blue sticker. I looked for my package opener and unboxed it with glee. Now when I first opened my RevAIr package, I felt a bit overwhelmed.  This box weighed several pounds and piqued my curiosity. What kind of hair dryer was in there, anyway? When I took it out of the package and looked at the large hose and the housing device, the plastic Up and Atomizer spray bottle, Up for Grabs hair sectioning clips, and a black turban, I began to relax a little, pleased with these little extras. And when it came down to it, putting all of these parts together was easier than I thought it would be. I had it hooked up in no time! I guess you could say it was a breeze, lol.


    RevAIr is perfect for curly hair that needs to be straightened. Now I don’t have curly hair but I like the way it smoothes my hair out even more and gives it a high sheen.

    They reinvented the way you dry and straighten your hair with the world’s first and only revere hair0dryer. Its 3x faster, uses 1/2 the wattage of a blow dryer and leaves hair sleeker and softer than ever before. The reviews have been astounding.


    During the RevAir Rev

    You simply place your hair inside the tube and the suction will blow it dry without damge. Ad your normal hair drying routine is cut in half at the very least.


    About the Company

    RevAir is a high-tech beauty company that looks beyond convention to create exceptionally effective personal care solutions. Their journey started with one resourceful dad’s use of vacuum suction to make ponytails for his daughters; His friend’s observation that the same method made his own daughter’s hair feel softer; And, his sister’s belief that this method and insight might be the basis for a genuine solution to her own crazy hair challenges. Based on initial tests and dramatic results, they knew that the combination of reverse-air and heat was worth pursuing.

    Nearly four years in development, hundreds of prototypes, and thousands of trials, RevAir, “The World’s First and Only Reverse-Air Dryer” was launched in 2018 by a passionate and highly skilled team of beauty industry experts who knew this game-changing system would truly benefit all who use it. RevAir is driven by their desire to create innovative, products that enhance and empower the lives of their customers. 

    RevAir offers an attention-grabbing, life-changing device that works on even the curliest and most coily hair with the world’s first and only Reverse-Air Dryer. RevAir is a hair drying tool that harnesses the power of reverse-air (suction) to dry hair straight. Reverse-air uniquely enables less heat to effectively dry hair, in less time, than blown heat. Incredible results are as easy as wash, Rev, LOVE!


    HOW IT WORKS: The wand creates a reverse-air tunnel that surrounds your hair from root to tip with heated air to naturally dry and straighten your hair. The high heat setting is half the wattage of a standard blow dryer. There is also a low heat setting and it can be used with no heat, as a cool shot of air. Reverse-air moves heat in the natural direction of cuticles helping to smooth hair. Consistent tension effectively straightens hair replacing the need for a brush’s damaging friction. Learn more here


    RevAir: A First for Hair

    Forget everything you know about traditional drying and straightening techniques—RevAir is completely different:

    • Straight to the Point– Most users achieve the results they want without needing flat irons. Those still needing flat irons, are likely to reduce their style time.
    • One for All– Customizable Reverse-Air and temperature settings to suit all hair types.
    • Less is More– Not only is styling time reduced, highest heat level is nearly half the wattage of a traditional blow dryer.
    • Bye Bye Brush– Reverse-Air creates tension while drying ending the need for brush work. Air flows from root to end, eliminating awkward nozzle aiming.
    • Don’t Sweat It– Hot air blowing on you is a thing of the past.

    Final thoughts

    The Downside

    It’s a bit much because it’s bulky I just don’t have room to store this in my bathroom.

    The Upside

    Overall it is a very effective product if you want to straighten your hair and achieve that glossy look faster.

    Thank you for spending time with me today!  The Badass Writer has many more articles coming up, including an article about   California’s Best Beaches and Inns, plus a book review on an exciting memoir about a woman diplomat in the foreign service, Muddy Roads, Blue Skies.   Do subscribe so you don’t miss a post!








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