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    A Company With Good Intentions


    Smooth and silky, soft and sheer…this is how I would describe Mangiacotti’s finest products— their whipped body wash and whipped body lotion. I use the whipped body wash in the shower. It comes out like a mousse or similar to shaving cream and lathers up nicely. Their fragrance leaves a lingering scent. Next, when I’m done with my shower, I use their whipped body lotion before drying off to retain as much moisture as possible. 


    Mangiacotti offers their products in a variety of fragrances such as Jasmine Plum, Ocean, Pomegranate, Lemon Verbena, Clementine and Lavender.

    The company also provides soy candles, bar soaps, bath sink sets, kitchen soap, surface cleaner, hand wash and hand repair, hand sanitizer spray and a mini lip repair that comes in a pack of three small tubes.

    A company with good intentions,  Mangiacotti is proud to tell you that their products are made in America and finished by citizens with disabilities.

    According to owner Michele Mangiacotti, “My company is very aware the products we make today will affect our planet and future generations. Because of this awareness, we’ve focused our energy and resources on ‘greening’ the Mangiacotti Collection. It is of the utmost importance for us to meet the growing demand of products that use recyclable materials, vegetable-based inks and formulas that are kind to Mother Earth.”


    In addition, all of the products crafted by Mangiacotti are made with essential oils and plant-derived ingredients and never tested on animals.

    A part of the See the Good Project, Michele believes that good  is contagious. “I believe that people, communities and companies can be the agents of change,” she says. “The little things we do can collectively start a movement to resist negativity and say yes to good.”

    At, it’s about recognizing the good in people in hopes their acts of kindness will inspire others to do the same. The Mangiacotti company is creating a community of likeminded organizations and people who can help spread the news of each other’s projects through social conversations.

    I like the fact I’m purchasing top-quality bath and body products from a company with high ethical values. Mangiacotti gets my vote this year for sure as one of the most socially conscious organizations on the planet.

    Mangiacotti, for beauty inside and out. 

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