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    Retrain your brain from limiting beliefs to positive affirmations

    No Matter How Bad Today is, There is Always a New Day


    Transitioning to adulthood, searching for a job, or starting (or re-starting) a career requires endurance, fortitude and hard work. From everyday challenges to traumatic events, we all face anguish, adversity and other stresses. In the post-COVID era, there are even more obstacles. College graduates and those who have recently laid off are entering the toughest job market since the recession in 2008. Transcending these obstacles has everything to do with mindset and luckily, the newly released book Live for a New Day, can help.


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    Author Annie Evans uses her extensive life experience and adventures to guide others in realizing their passion and purpose in Live for a New Day. 

    Starting over from scratch many times, she developed and continues to use a process that helped her to retrain her brain,  replace subconscious limiting beliefs with positive ones. She learned how to control her disruptive feelings which enables her to live a productive, grateful happy life, despite some astonishing circumstances. Annie wants us all to be able to transcend challenges and live the lives we all want and deserve. Besides her extensive world travel and adventure, she has worked with Jom Rohn, Tony Robbins,  Greg Reid and others on her continuing journey to be her best self and help others.

    Publisher: The Legacy Project, LLC

    ISBN: 9798653485060

    Live for a New Day is available here:


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    Why you need this book

    This true to life narrative provides hope, joy and triumph for a better tomorrow.Written by international best-selling author, speaker and life coach Annie Evans, Live for a New Dayis an easy -to-read page-tuner filled with actionable tips for living life with reason and purpose and how to overcome life’s challenging journeys.

    This book is filled with unique and powerful tools to help you get in touch with your true purpose and passion and it provides an action plan for success.  Yes, it will take exploration and work, but the results are priceless.  Live for a New Dayoffers a much-needed reminder to us all to take a breath, relax and know that “this too shall pass.” It will inspire anyone who wants a fresh start.


    About the author

    Annie Evans is a real renaissance woman. She is the founder of Set Your Sails, and is an author, speaker, coach and trainer dedicated to helping people to become the best versions of themselves. As a master of many trades, she has been a leader in different fields and areas offering a wide base of experience.  Determined to overcome life’s curve balls, Annie developed a process that allowed her to transcend those unexpected life events and to live a fabulous adventurous life spanning several successful careers including real estate, horse trainer, a celestial navigator, fashion and architecture project manager and business advisor, product developer, home/interior designer and international supply chain director.  Currently a California relator for Realty One Group Summit, she loves to make people’s real estate and financial security dreams come true. For more details, visit


    Final thoughts

    Even in Winter, reading this book is like drinking a long, tall glass of iced tea–very refreshing. Live for a New Day is an easy-to-digest page-turner filled with actionable tips to live life with reason and purpose after life’s challenging journeys as the author goes on her own quest. This truly-to-life narrative provides hope, joy and triumph for a better tomorrow.

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