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    Clean up and go to school with the best of JACK BLACK, one of the leading men’s grooming supplies available. Smooth flawless skin is just a. step away with the five blade razor, Supreme Cream Triple Cushion Shave Lather and Post-Shave Cooling Gel.

    New to the JACK BLACK line up is their five blade razor I was mentioning, It has a specially weighted handle for an easy glide and non-slip grip giving you the perfect shave every time.

    The JACK BLACK Supreme Cream Triple Cushion Shave Lather is a real treat. This lightweight formula provides luxurious lather that lift hairs way from the skin for a smooth shave. I like the fact it has wonderful macadamia nut oil in this formula, as well as glycerin and soybean oil.

    The JACK BLACK Post Shave Cooling Gel soothes your skin instantly with its lightweight gel formula infused with aloe, sage and ah yes, lavender. Helping to prevent flakes and dryness, the Post Shave Cooling Gel provides immediate relief from Razor burn while the botanicals help to heal irritated skin and reduce redness.

    The men in my life love JACK BLACK! Give it a try now at a store near you,  or

    *This is an Amazon affiliate link to this product I recommend. If you purchase something from my blog, I may receive a small percentage of the sale at no extra cost to you. Thank you!//